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“Oh my lord! If you want to be a friend with a Swanana, do not friend a Quackberry, don't friend an Enderman, never fight a Swanana, and NEVER commit a crime to other humans!”
~ Kernel the Swan on How to friend a Swanana
“Thank you Kirby for inhaling a Quackberry for all the Swananas existing in the Cosmo! You are now Swanana Kirby which means you can eliminate and scare off Quackberries and trick King Dedede, Mr. Frosty, Necrodeus, Kracko, and all the other bullies that are in our universe!”
~ Meta Knight on Kirby's Quest to save Swananas and the xenoverses
Swanana Real Life
A person's view of a Swanana.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Anseriformes
Family Anatidae
Genus Indocygnus
Species Indocygnus swanana
Conservation Status Least concern!

The Swanana is a swan-like bird that looks somewhat like a swan in a banana form. They are sometimes used as pets for guard against monsters, and are good with humans. Swananas do not get along with Quackberries because they are foul to Swanana and their best friend.

edit In famous literature and news

Swananas have been known in famous culture for being a help. Examples are :

  • Super Swan Jr. helped Kirby defeat and inhale Quackberries to save a whole bunch of Swananas in Kirby's Quest to save Swananas and the Xenoverses. Meta Knight then notes Kirby whenever the fight's mission has moved on to the next mission, and at the end, the Swananas have been saved as the Quackberries come and hide in dams for protection.
  • A suburban Swanana has appeared in Godzilla's Ducks of Doomsday. Twenty Quackberries have attacked a large town of Swananas, and the suburban Swanana went on a quest and defeated them all. Only four of the Quackberries survived and a lot of the large group of Swananas survived after that one Swanana saved the day.
  • Kernel the Swan has been notable for putting makeup on and showing on the television to impersonate Kermit the Frog, and a Quackberry played in the role of Miss Piggy as Quack Piggy. Kernel the Swan then washed off Quack Piggy's makeup, and then revealed that Quack Piggy was a Quackberry, and then wrestled down Quack Piggy as she said 'YOU'RE NOT ACTING LIKE THE KERMIT I KNOW!', then the show ended ever after.

edit In culture

Some Swananas have been famous in popular culture for being heroic. They include:

Swanney Bieber

Swanple Grandin

Super Swan Sr.

Super Swan Jr.

Arnold Swan

Jamie Swan

Carmen Swan

Kernel the Swan

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