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“Your twelve year old sister shops here!”
~ Supre' on Being Supre'.
“ When I go to Australia, all I really want to see is what's hot at Supré, but when I get there I realise I already own cheap and slutty clothes like the ones they've got in stock! lol, I mean, come on! That's Hot!”
~ Paris Hilton on Being a Supré Skank.

Supré is Super Smart for Teen girls!

Supré is a most spectacular chain of Teen Girl "Fashion" Stores in Australia designed to turn young girls with ambition into Mindless, easily manipulated sluts.

edit Supré - Turning young girls into Dumb Sluts for as Long as Anyone can Remember

First inspired by early blueprints for Paris Hilton's life in 5107 B.C, Supré has long prided itself on providing teen girls Slutty and Cheap clothes, just like the ones the coincidentally Slutty and Cheap Hilton seems to always be wearing. Inside the stores, painful remixes of songs from painful, yet somehow popular artists such as Justin Timberlake and The Pussycat Dolls can be heard blaring from the speakers, in an Innocent attempt to lure young girls into the stores, in which they can check out the tasteful items all young girls should be wearing, such as G-strings and Fluffy Handcuffs. Supré has made plans on going International, so be warned Overseas, A whole new breed of Tart is coming to a airheaded teen near you!

edit Fun Facts!

  • Supré don't actually sell clothes, as the "clothes" sold in Supré stores are merely just rags that have been dyed in different colours to look Versatile. Supré denies this though, commenting that "Dyed rags are all the rage this season for sexy teen girls!"
  • Subliminal messages are played in Supré song remixes for "added Substance to being slutty "
  • The accent on the "e" in Supré is a way that Supré leads girls to believe that Supré helps them to learn "cool new letter thingies".
  • If you are forced to enter a Supré store, it is best to protect your precious brainwaves by wearing aluminium foil around your head. This way, Supré won't be able to access your thoughts, and implement their brainwashing techniques on your wonderful, healthy brain.oh and another fun fact, im actaully just to fat to ever fit into supres biggest size and have the personality of a bar of soap, im just depressed because im so pathetic to ever get a job there and will never live up to the lovely girls who work at supre, some days i just consider jumping off a huge cliff, other days i just write these bullnana pages to make myself feel better.

edit Supré Mottos

  • For girls who want "it" now!
  • For girls who want to look like Cheap Whores now!
  • For Boys who are listening to Cher right now!
  • Providing Boys with any girl they desire since we discovered brainwashing!
  • Providing every boy on the planet with a Quick Fuck.
  • Angering Feminists since 1972!
  • Because we don't like progress!
  • For girls with Substance and Morals!
  • Stripping girls of their innocence since 1921!
  • For Girls who want to stop thinking for themselves right now!
  • Feeding jailbait since 1881!

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