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Superpowers are things that you will never have, things that people could use to save people's lives, things that people could use to ruin the universe....things that could make a difference....
Super redbull

For some reason, most superheroes enjoy flying around in their underwear.

Basically put, superpowers are powers that every superhero (except that bat guy) and supervillain has. They include X-Ray Vision (useful when you're looking at hot chicks), heat vision (useful when you want to make yourself a cup of coffee), flying (you can make airplane noises while flying if you wish), and super strength.

Unfortunately, many of these superpowers come with a superhero weakness, for instance, if you wanted to get rid of Superman, crush him under seven tons of kryptonite or something...

For some reason though, most superheroes have never mastered the arts of reality warping, which is a good thing as it would make comics pretty boring!

Some people use their powers responsibly (like Spider-Man), while others use it to do despicable things (like Doctor Octopus).

So if you fall into nuclear waste or something like that, use your superpowers responsibly!

edit Notable Superpowers

Super Strength-you'll never have to work out again!

Even animals can have superpowers!

Shapeshifting-shapeshift into anything you want, even something erotic!

Laser Vision-watch out for the occasional mirror!

Super Speed: Streak in public without anyone noticing!

Pyrokinesis: Burn your enemies alive!

Cryokinesis: Give your enemies a new definition of freezer burn!

Electrokinesis: Never have to pay an electricity bill!

Cloning-create copies of yourself to do your chores!

Flying-what superhero would be complete without it?

edit See also

Superman-the person who has just about every superpower you can think of.

Spiderman-is he a man or a spider?

Wonder Woman-the hottest superhero around!

Aquaman-a superhero with only one hand!

Batman-the one superhero who doesn't have superpowers!

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