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In Singapore, there are heroes within the hearts of every Singaporean. How many are willing to make a bold move and stand out? How many are willing to help the nation withstand the forces of evil?

edit Shadow Emperor Lord Lee


Fear the great Shadow Emperor Lord Lee, for his boundless eternal wisdom is not to be questioned!

Shadow Emperor Lord Lee is one of the most powerful and oldest superhero in Singapore history. Once a powerful System Lord in a galaxy far, far away, Shadow Emperor Lord Lee took pity of a doomed nation filled with Singaporeans, but he had to pay his price for his intention. As such he was banished by God because his actions were deemed unspeakable. He was believed destroyed, but managed to escape and trick Jesus into helping him to ascend to a higher plane of existence. God took notice of such actions and forced him into a state between mortal existence and ascension. Because of his knowledge of God, Shadow Emperor Lord Lee amassed unimaginable advanced technologies and knowledge, spreading his eternal wisdom to transform a once useless ejaculate island to a massive reclaimed floating dynasty.

edit Powers/Abilities

Lee symbol
  • Eternal wisdom
  • Eternal knowledge
  • Mind manipulation Level X
  • Able to bring in tons of foreign talents with one word from his mouth.
  • Godly powers
  • Ace in English Language (Oral), Biology (Practical) and Bodily Interaction Advance courses by Prof. T. Y. M. (whose real name is concealed for identity reasons).

edit Capabilities

Fear and respect the first Superhero of Singapore, for his eternal wisdom has led to the creation of his ever growing party known as the People's Action Party. Basically what this party does is to organize daily random parties and celebrations for all citizens in respect for the great infallible leader. All hail the Lee!

Anyone try to mess with the great leader will feel the wrath of his famous army, known as the Singapore Armed Forces, the number one best army of the whole universe, as it never lost a single battle in history (as it never fought one to begin with). All hail the Lee!

edit VR-Man


VR-Man doing the "O-Rly" method of interrogation at one of the suspects.

VR-Man is the most popular and original superhero that has ever been created and known in Singapore. Remarkably similar dressed as Batman in pure coincidence, VR-Man dons a black rubber suit with a (VR) emblem stuck on the chest of his suit. In addition, he wears synthetic rubber with some high graded plastic coated gloves and black Gortex boots (Probably inherited from VR-Man's NS days). He wears a signature black mask (shockingly similar to batman's with the edges all sawn off) that hide his real identity and combs his hair with "Follow Me" hair spray. He carry a very unique gadget that gives him powers. Whatever this gadget is, nobody has yet to find out more information on it.


The legendary VR-Man, most feared by the Bengs and Sengs for crimes such as eating chewing gum.

edit Powers/Abilities

Able to fly as well as the ability of replicating virtual holographic copies of his gadget if he want to, VR-Man has another special ability that uses a very special high frequency wave to program devices such as the VCR. However this ability does cause various limitations, such as the inability to power Blu-Ray drives. This limitation has been explained by VR-Man in one of the inspiring speech in one of the neighbourhood schools, because "the gadget has run out of support and nobody is planning on a new patch ver11.1.2 to update the gadget". Recent new abilities has been added to the list to combat media violence, as such VR-Man has been sporting with a new Super-VR-Patch Vision (tm), which can instantly fill-in the censored part of any movie he's watching. He has also been sporting a new Virtual Reflector Heat Vision (tm), which currently has has yet to use it and some locals has been gossiping in a joking fashion that this new device is only for shaving has armpit and pubic hair only. There has been rumour too that by blinking his eyes, he is able to instantly create badly rendered super imposed lightning/sparks, which may cause seizures in children too. He blows too.

edit Privileges

Being proud of a local superhero saving the nation, the government approved some special privilege and incentives for superheroes like VR-Man. One such privilege is to able to fly past ERP gantries without the need of installing an I.U. device into the suit. Another bonus he can get is gaining free unlimited access to Starhub Cable TV and Mio TV.

edit Real Identity

Rumours has it that it could possibly be a MediaCorpse actor called James Lye. When questions, he denied and complained that he had allergies with "Follow Me" hair sprays, and it will make no sense if he is the legendary VR-Man.

edit SMRT-Man


SMRT-Man posing with a kid during the SMRT awareness public campaign held not so long ago.

SMRT-Man' is the superhero and had full control of all SMRT transports, buses and MRTs alike. With this great powers of telekinesis, he operates all train and bus services in his small head. He was a emotional reckless young man and jumped off the MRT track to kill himself. However an anomaly happened. The electricity on the tracks supercharged him, and before a MRT train could flatten him, he became one with the MRT. Using his new found ability, dubbed the "MRT-kinesis", he telepathically "talk" to the MRT to stop, seconds before the train could crush him. Alas, a new superhero is born. He has been around the country promoting people to be courteous on board the public transports and teaching the public how to escape if one day should a train be dead in the middle of two stations.

“I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! S-M-R-T!”
~ SMRT Man on being "Smart"

edit Powers/Abilities

"MRT-kinesis", a special ability that allows him to manipulate, control, and telepathically talk to SMRT operated machines. Able to reach from Joo Koon Station to Pasir Ris Station in seconds by standing on the MRT tracks. He also had a secondary ability, known as "Eye Power" (Chinese: 眼光耀着塔什布尔干, a musical piece composed by a musical group in a particular educational Institution in Singapore). This ability allows him to get things done without moving or spending any sort of his energy. He has been using this ability on many commuters on the train, to "eye-powered" them to stand properly and allow the special needy to take the priority seats. He can also deduct one's EZlink card entirely at one shot of his eye-power. BEEP!

Unfortunately, one side effect of the 'eye-power' ray is that it lulls all surrounding commuters to sleep. Note the immediate eye-closure & head on chest position once the commuter secures a choice seat (especially when there are elderly or disabled commuters nearby). The standing commuter is not spared & reverts to a wides stance to prevent accidental falls.

edit Privileges

Being the "King" of SMRT public transport, he does not need to pay for any fares, anytime.

edit HDTV Guy


Watch out! HDTV Guy is here to censor your shows!

HDTV Guy is a fictional character invented by the "original and creative" MDA. He was created to educate the Singapore audience that all shows should be censored, cropped, butchered, and cut, for the nation's own good. One interesting note is that he loves to hang around Channel X for some unexplainable reason.

edit Powers/Abilities

He has the ability to censor and cut out scenes which he find unsuitable for all audiences in Singapore, for example, the "I love you, you love me" scene from Barney The Purple Dinosaur was censored, as he finds it too explicit.

edit Criticizms

Citizens and netizens are complaining that this character is nothing but a lousy parody to the famous Superman. While majority has been complaining and swearing that MDA is wasting money doing nonsensical "original and creative" things, one was quoted stating that "Chey! Bluff Children One!"

edit Mas Selamat bin Kastari

Another locally bred lesser mortal to join the League of Heroes. His primary purpose was to protect the peasant community by messing with the Elites. Something screw up with his programming and he began to turn rouge. While many elites look down on such typical lesser mortal and wonder his worth, they underestimate his list of amazing abilities. Below is a generic list of his well known licensed abilities.


One of the finest local production to date, contributed by Director Mas Selemat.

edit Powers/Abilities

  • Bomb Expert
  • Strategic Terrorist Plot Planner
  • "Prison Break" trained
  • Famous Local Movie/TV series Director (famous for a local production, titled "Toilet Break", a spin-off from Prison Break.)
  • Able to disappear into thin air
  • One of the rare lesser mortals/peasants capable to mess the Elites up.
  • One of the rare lesser mortals/peasants capable to put The Army on Code Red.
  • Capable to fire people's jobs without being there
  • Employee of the year in the Ramly Burger franchise
  • Capable to make improvised flotation device
  • Excellent Olympic-class swimmer (despite handicap)
  •  ???

edit Also Can See

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