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Motto: Why dig a hole when you can go to Sunbury
State Victoria
Official nickname Scumbury
Official language(s) Bogan English
Mayor Ivan Milat
Established 1834
Re-Established 1883
Re-Re-Established 2010
Currency Beer and dope
Opening hours Shut off from public when possible

Sunbury is an undergound district in Australia it is mainly inhabited by bogans these bogans maybe somewhat unaware that they are underground. Since they have been living here since 1883 soon after the first Ashes test cricket match played in Sunbury. At the time the one good place in Sunbury hosted the match but after the cricketers left the oval the locals mugged them and kicked them off on a train to The City of Love. After the Sunbury test shenanigans these cricketers had decided never to go there ever again on the grounds of their own safety and sanity. So then the people with properties outside Sunbury manned the perimeter of the town with Dynamite to blow it under the ground. But they used so much the town was shot approx 400 meters underground, the locals hadn't noticed until 1890 as they just thought it was a storm or something. Over the next hundred years the town grew into an underground city as people on the outside of the hole referred it as Scumbury.

Hole In The Ground

Similar to Sunbury but smaller

If you have a V-line train timetable you will notice a sunbury stop it is really a lift surrounded by armed guards. Passers through this lift are given a sanity and eye test before they can take a train and will be shot on sight if they carry a knife or other cutlery. Recently a government add Campain has urged people not to go to Sunbury for their own safety titled "Sunburied". However there is currently a rumor spreading around that the real culprit of Sunbury being shot underground is Brother Kyle who if you didn't know is one angry dude. The reasoning is that there was a reported mushroom cloud and with no nukes around it must have been Brother Kyle. Even though he is currently in year nine at Daylesford Secondary College that is no excuse for being around over one hundred years ago to blow up Sunbury. Usually in this sort of offence he would be taken to prison but the government awarded him a medal for ensuring the safety of the entire state by getting rid of The unspeakable hole. At least it's not Diggers...

Culture Edit

“What kind of retarded city talk is that?!”
~ Random Scumburian on Culture

Oh god where to begin obviously with a nickname of Scumbury you would think this town is full to the brim with Bogans and you would be spot on. The average I.Q level of a Scumburian is about 50.6 just enough to contain the information of being underground. Once there was a citizen of Scumbury that had an I.Q level of 101 she had figured out by the age of five that she would die if she stayed here so she actually passed the sanity test and went on to become a pharmacist and an earlier career as a checkout clerk. Obviously a one off but this made Scumburians think that there actually was brains in their own heads. Activities that Scumburians engage in are 79 forms of barfights 400 forms of boxing and 6 million forms of general fighting, in fact if these inbred bogans could actually pass sanity tests they could probably get into WWE with ease. Then afterward get banned from living outside the hole after one charge of kicking a ref in the balls. But it's not all that bad because if you went there you'd feel superior to them. Jobs there are seriously simple but most people quit them after a while because they don't want to be tied down to a career.

In fact, it's considered something of a suicidal gesture to be literate in Sunbury; proving your literacy by reading a book or magazine in a public place will earn you filthy looks and occasional physical assaults from passing bogans. To be extra-safe, it's recommended that you adopt an expression of complete neural inactivity when in the presence of someone wearing a 'Unit' shirt.

Areas of cultural impact in Sunbury were all burnt down in the Great Burn off of Sunbury during mid February 1983 (Not to be confused with the Ash Wednesday fires, which was much smaller and more controlled).

70's Music ConcertEdit

Chuck Round TV

A T.V bought from Scumbury

“They called us pooftas!”
~ Queen on Sunbury
“You are pooftas”
~ Sunbury on Queen

Some time during the early seventies Sunbury was host to an international music concert. Unaware that Sunbury was the biggest shithole apart from Frankston in the entire world, these people were about to close the case if there is any intelligent life in Sunbury. Thousands of Bogans assembled in the main street of Sunbury to give the bands the typical Sunbury welcome which involves calling them fuckin' poofs which is an everyday greeting in Sunbury. Queen were a punky band from England were not used to this Sunbury welcome which made them come to the following conclusions: If you can count past five, If you have a girlfriend and If you decide that You have a brain you will be called a poofta. After the festival no one ever tried to stage anything there ever again which explains Scumburians still thinking that it is 1975 since that a comedy festival was scheduled and later scuttled.

Education, (Lack of) Edit

Education services in Sunbury are beyond sub-standard in quality, but the rate of suicides have dropped from 54 per week to 53 per week which is a very good sign for schools with a quality level of sunbury schools. The Schools are Sunbury Primary School, Sunbury High School and Sunbury Downs Secondary College (the best with only 0 suicides a week). The schools teach a variety of useful information for living in Sunbury, like where to buy beer where to stab people and where to steal from.


This guy lives here.

Drunk is fun

A typical Scumburian.

Sport Edit

The town also has an Aerial Ping Pong team who are based just outside the hole, armed guards drive a bus so they can get to their games safely without hurting anyone. They are also checked for weapons before each match before and after they get on the bus. If any of these players gets to a pro skill level they are closely watched by the government and snipers in case they take out a knife while playing. The town also has a champion Bar-Fighting team which have excelled both locally and internationally .Otherwise they won a trophy in backgammon because the results disappeared from the hall of fame Mathew Beech won Sunbury's got Talent.

(No) Future Edit

The so called future of Sunbury is seriously more bleak than you could imagine possibly because you wouldn't want to imagine it so the idea is put off. Another reason for not thinking about the future of this Hole is that it is easily unnoticed or not cared about.In 2006 a plan was put together to once and for all to fill in this hole with statewide rubbish from tips (mostly the town of Frankston). The known date for starting is 1st of July 2011, unlike the finishing date which is unclear. Over this Hole will be a museum to a true Australian Hero (Shane Warne) and his glorious career of texting, smoking, drinking, texting, sometimes playing cricket, being banned (which is apparently like being a victim of the Bali Bombing), texting, endorsing products, having sex with a countless number of women and don't forget texting.