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“I kind of regret it.”

Suicide (from Latin saosin meaning, "to laugh hard"; also called harakiri, self-destruction, or Jihad) is painless. It brings on many changes. You can take or leave it if you please. For centuries it was used as the primary means of relieving ghost hauntings, until later scientific advances in exorcism were developed. In popular culture, suicide has proved a lucrative economic strategy for performing artists, as dead artists make more money than the living ones - just ask Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain. Suicide remains a popular topic, but libraries refuse to lend out books about suicide, since no one ever returns them.

Medical treatments


Some people have even made a game out of it.

Suicide is an important medical treatment for depression, and only somewhat less costly than a permanent coma. It is resolutive, and it also helps decrease the surplus population that has become a burden to the United States Youth Committee. The General Accounting Office estimates that suicide has successfully lowered the unemployment rate by 0.4% over the past five years, making it nearly three times more effective than infant sacrifice to the Infallible Supreme Gods of Venture Capital. Suicide has also been recognized by the FDA as a second-stage treatment for cancer, AIDS, and fibromyalgia, and off-label uses include therapy for blue balls and smoking cessation.

Suicide is also a good treatment of medicalness for dumbasses, and an important industrial process in the pharmaceutical industry, providing Living Human Tissue for nutritional supplements and cyborgs. The DEA enforces restrictions on production, notably organ transplant, as it would cure terminal patients, causing them to avoid suicide and drying up supply. Suicide also is great for organ donors since they won't need them and someone else can use them.

Legal Status

Suicide is illegal in most countries. People have recently been arguing for the death penalty as the punishment for committing suicide. Other crimes, however, have less severe penalities. In Arkansas, for example, suicide is a felony punishable up to five years of prison and/or a fine of $3.50.

Suicide is a major industry in countries like Scotland and Euthanasia. The Swedish have come up with the most severe punishment for attempted suicide: compassionate depression counseling. Suicide is one of the most popular forms of recreation in many Middle Eastern countries, though medaling at the Pan-Arabian Games requires that it be done in the middle of a crowded area.



Donald Duck will die with dignity.

Let's face it, there is no dignified way to kill oneself, except maybe flying a hijacked plane into a really big skyscraper. Some out there believe they don't want their family to go through the trauma seeing them dead. Let's review...

  • Hanging oneself. Well, you look like an idiot and the rope could break, making you a vegetable for life. Plus you can crap yourself which makes you smell even worse.
  • Shooting oneself. You'll probably ruin your good shirt and get your blood and brain matter all over the wall; who do you think has to clean that up?
  • Overdosing. The pills make you have a seizure and look like an Idiot. Your face is frozen to make you look like you were having an orgasm when you died.

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