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State Trooper Harry "The Kaiser" Weisse removed his tinted shades and wiped the beads of sweat from his brow. Though only March, the heat of summer seemed to have arrived early in Alabama, and Harry's thoughts drifted to enjoying a few cold beers with his buds while sitting on his porch, a Southern gentleman looking down on the white picket fence he had painted last summer. He smiled and thought about his pregnant wife and the sandwiches she had prepared for his lunch. Through the heat haze he thought he saw something across the other side of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, a dark cloud on the horizon.


Harry looked down the massed ranks of armed officers who had chosen to work the shift that hot Sunday afternoon, casually polishing their billy clubs and practising their curbstomping skills. Harry felt proud to be a part of the State's police force, good god-fearing American patriots. Tough, but fair men. The dark shape appeared closer, but his gaze was caught by the cameras of some local and national news media, no doubt keen to record the quiet strength and civility of the assembled troopers, "I hope those snapping cameras capture our true nature..." thought Harry as he began to make out faces within the approaching mass of people....."gosh darn it!"

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