I SubheadingsEdit

Subheadings are things which give more specific information about what was in the previous "superheading." A subheading can become a superheading by simply adding another subheading below it.

I.1 SuperheadingsEdit

This is a superheading. And a subheading. A that previous sentence was a fragment. Following subheadings can be a good or bad thing. Each new subheading could give more specifics about the previous subheading.

I.1.A The Previous SubheadingEdit

The previous subheading (and superheading) talked about good and bad subheadings.

I.1.A.i Good SubheadingsEdit

A good subheading, such as this one, talks about the previous subheading. It is more than a random statement, or a new argument.

I.1.A.i.a Bad SubheadingsEdit

This is a bad subheading. It talks about things not in the previous subheading. Have you looked at the page on the bible recently? It good for a quick laugh.

I.1.A.i.a.æ Over Extensive SubheadingsEdit

Over Extensive use of subheadings can lead to several things, such as incredibly small fonts, becoming a noob, attack of chuck norris, and most of the time death by huffing.

=I.1.A.i.æ.pi A final note on subheadings=Edit

Put enough subheadings in a page, and you can get a really fancy looking page navigation window. Like the one at the top of this page.