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A young Lionel Richie. He never did get the hang of it.

Contrary to unpopular belief, street dancing must be done outside, preferably on the street, however some fundamentalist factions do allow "road dancing". Most experienced street dancers frown upon this crazy technique, because its crazy.

Street dancing was invented by those who "walk the streets", namely prostitutes. When bored of turning tricks or "smoking crack" and getting hit by their pimps. They danced. This hilarious mild form of pornography, although not as profane as hip hop dancing. Caught on wildly. Like the Spanish Flu.

Do not confuse this with a dancing street. Which a far more deadly, hilarious and rare. More rare than a chansey at an equal-rights convention.

edit Where it's going to

If Street Dancing is going anywhere, it's definitely going North-West where all the expensive restraunts are. It's also very popular at "maccabees concerts" despite this pretty much always being indoors. Biz is the best at it.

edit Safety guidlines

Only street dance on the street, otherwise grues will kill vets. Thats worse than killing a single kitten straight out, because vets have the potential to save many kittens lives. Consider this.

It should also be noted that unless you are gay, extremely drunk, or just have happy feet, you should NEVER attempt to street dance. You'll only end up looking like an even bigger douche. Also, don't bring Wilford Brimley street-dancing. He'll just fuck everything up.

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