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Duuuude, have you heard of this, like, World Trade Center? We should, like, do something to it, man...

“The Virgin Mary....Dont throw into the ocean....”
~ Charlie on Baptising Aaron

Stoned is like....something...I dunno, man. I was talking to this, he says, "dude, I like, so totally respect you." And i'm all like, "what? Like, yeah, sure man." and he's all like...uhh...yeah. Like, did I tell you about when I was talking to this cat?

edit Methods of getting Stoned...

Calico kitten

Like, did I tell you about this guy, man?

To get stoned, you gotta,, buy a big ass bag of weed, man. Hey, you know what we should do? We should like, call up this guy, and tell him his refrigerator's running, but, like, get this: IT WON'T BE!!! HAAHAHAHAH! Aww man, that would be like, so funny. Hey, do you notice like, how the walls got feelings, man? They get all, like, mad, or something, when I like, paint them. Hey, did I tell you about the time I talked to that cat?

edit If you're Stoned

Big bird narrowweb 200x313

Duuuuude, that Bird!

If you're stoned, you gotta, just, relax, man. DUUUUUDE! Look at that bird! It's all, like, flapping it's wings, man...whoa, that's, like, deep...did, did you know, that, I like, respect you? No, i'm serious man. I, I just want you to know...are, are you listening? You listening? Cause i'm serious, man. I like, so totally respect you. You're like, driving your own car and stuff! That's, like, uhh....yeah. Hey, did I tell you about the time I talked to that cat?

edit Look at your hands


Look at those things man!

Whoa...bro...look at my hands bro. They're I don't even have words bro. They're! I mean, they're like a bunch of little hot dogs attached to a plate man! It's SO weird! Look at my fingers, they're so nuts. And they move bro. Look at 'em go! And they're BIG man. I could crush something with these man. They're like...dangerous. Like one time I saw this cat right? If I held it in my hands, I could it. But I wouldn't do that man. We talked and he was super smart bro. Did I tell you about that time I talked to this cat?

edit Bob Marley


He knew what was going on bro.

Dude, we need to put on some you me like mellow out. You know what I mean? Bro! Bob Marley! We need to listen to some Bob Marley man. That's just the shit. Bob knew what he was talking about you know? Like...we gotta stand up for our rights and shit. Yeah, except I really just wanna chill right now. Did you find that CD yet? I think it's under the...the know. Shit. I totally forgot where it is. Damn man. I totally needed some Marley right now. Dude, have you ever seen Bob Marley's hair! It's CRAZY, but you know in a good way. You kinda looks like a cat. Hey man, did I tell you about -

edit AW SHIT

Clarence thomas

Aww shit, it's the man!

It's the man! He's gonna be all like "hey, you can't do that!" and i'm gonna be all like....aww, no, here he comes.

What's going on, you two?

Uhh, like, uhh, you know how, um, you got this whole prison thing? We gotta, like, not go there, man.

Are you smoking Marijuana? I'm gonna have to take you in.

WHOA!!! Not cool, man. Do you know how, like, you gotta, umm, not go there? Say, officer, did I tell you about the time I talked to that cat? no? well gotta go (stands in same spot with blank expression)

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