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One of the world's dirtiest and notorious practical jokes is the Stink-noser. Giving someone a Stink-nose or the act of Stink-nosing someone dates back to a summer camp gag concocted by 4 mysterious culprits in 1992. The exact location of it's creation is a little talked about mystery, although many people rumor the idea was conceived somewhere deep in the Canadian back woods during a canoe trip.

Stink-nosing requires 2 or 3 people, one of which needs to be asleep. The sleeping person is also the victim known as the Stink-nose-ee. There are 2 versions; the 2-man and the 3-man version. Both versions achieve a better effect with more witnesses.

Warning! A Stink-nose should only be performed on a person who is not well-liked. Unless you and your friends can handle a little poop between each other, this is a fecal-folly and might not produce the desired or intended reaction everyones going for.

edit How it's Done

  1. Acquire a target.
  2. Wait till said target is asleep. They must be asleep on their back.
  3. Quietly, you and your friends enter the target's tent, cabin, room, etc.
  4. One guy is gonna have to 'do one for the team' and take off his pants and underwear.
  5. Get the pantsless dude to climb over the sleeping person so their ass is hovering over the sleeper's face.
  6. Doing the deed:
  • 2-man version: the person with their pants off, plunges down on the sleeping person's stomach with a punch hard enough to wake them up (not necessarily hurt them). If the person on top was positioned correctly, then the sleeping person will wake up, their head will come up and forward- nose thrusting into the other person's ass.
  • 3-man version: rather than have 1 guy do all the work, the pantless guy can focus on positioning himself while his partner in crime wakes up the sleeping person with a punch to the gut.

edit Notes

  • Having a few more people in the room is a good security measure. Most people don't like waking up with their nose in or near an asshole. Having proper backup is essential to this type of prank.
  • Caution should be given to the person who's gonna receive the inch of nasal in the rectal. Proper positioning requires ninja-like grace. Watch your bag. There's nothing like a slight miscalculation of judgment and having your stones head-butted into your own arse.
  • Other variations of this prank include waking the victim with a stinky gym sock, stinky armpit or dirty pair of underwear. This also ads a scatalogical aspect without having to put too much work into it. Due to the overwhelming amount of dirty laundry at their disposal, football players would be the ones to take advantage of this the most. This explains why most people prefer not to become enemies with football players, as they would be destroyed by the horrific combination of foot odor and body odor experienced.
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