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Steven Pinker: David Icke's lost brother?

Steven Pinker is a psychologist who interchangeably refers to his ideas as either "evolutionary psychology" or "the computational theory of mind". Yet he thinks that computers will never be able to think, so his claim of human brains being (like) computers means that Steven Pinker thinks that humans cannot think and will never be able to think. Steven Pinker has yet to comment on whether or not he is human himself.

edit Early life

Steven Pinker slept through all philosophy lessons in school, so he never learned that Rousseau was not an anarchist at all.

As a teenager, Steven Pinker encountered many Americans who left for Canada to get away from military drafts. Young Pinker thought disobeying the law was a good way of avoiding war until a mob, organized much like a government but opposed to it, hit him so hard in the head he lost his mind. Pinker got such a severe brain injury he started believing that the pacifist deserted soldiers were violent.

edit Views

edit Views on language

Steven Pinker thinks that humans are just animals, yet he also thinks that language is unique to humans. Pinker is trying to explain this paradox away by invoking a so-called "cognitive niche" for humans and proto-humans, that necessitated the evolution of language. He explains this, totally incomprehensibly, in his book "The aphasia education". He has never, though, commented anything on what should have caused that "niche" to develop in the first place.

edit Views on violence


According to Pinker a thing of the past. Oh, wait..

Steven Pinker believes that the amount of violence is decreasing, and that it is all thanks to laws and the state. In his book "The worse demons of our unnature", he amasses statistics for the years before, but not after, year 2000 to prove his point.

edit Views on sexuality

Steven Pinker thinks that homosexuality in men is determined by female sex hormones before birth. But he also thinks that women have more complex brains than men and that women's sexuality is therefore not determined before birth. Steven Pinker has yet to make any comments on how his claim of men's but not women's sexuality being determined before birth is supposed to be compatible with his other claim of homosexual men having feminine brains. This is described in his book "The chlorine-bleached slate".

edit Political activism

edit Destruction and genocide

Steven Pinker is driving a long-standing campain to destroy ancient Roman artefacts to destroy the evidence that the Roman Empire was violent and yet was very obsessed with laws. He ia also the main funder of a United Nations campaign to committ genocide on the bushmen, to destroy the evidence that bushmen traditionally maintained much lower murder rates than most civilized countries.

Steven Pinker is also collaborating with Noam Chomsky in a campaign to eradicate tribal languages that does not fit into the universal degenerative grammar hypothesis. Recently, they have also started burning texts from early written languages together.

edit Insanity pleas

After numerous incidents of being defeated in debates by intelligent people, Steven Pinker figured out a way to fight back against intelligence. By supporting insanity pleas in courts, he caused society to force intelligent people to make themselves stupid to avoid jail.

As a part of this campaign, to make intelligent people really want to be stupid, Pinker donated and is still donating much money both to making insane asylums more comfortable for their inmates, and jails less comfortable for their inmates. Joe Arpayo, being stupid, is his main collaborator.

edit Transsexual's rights

Steven Pinker is a proponent of trans women's (male-to-female transsexuals)' right to have their brain complexity increased to the same level as that of cis women (those born with cunts). Pinker argues that since all real women have more complex brains than men, trans women feels unwhole as long as they have brains as simple as those of men. Pinker has recently started a radio campaign to raise funds for medical research on this subject.

edit Bibliography

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