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Stephen A. Smith is a professional sports screamer and deafening, nation of islam impersonating, sports "analyst" on ESPN. Smith is most well known for phrases such as the following:"HOWEVAH, IF I AM SAYING THIS LOUDLY IT MUST BE TRUE!!" and "EVERYTHING I SAY IS IMPORTANT!!" Unfortunately Smith appears to be headed on his way out at ESPN as network executives have embraced the seldom used business theory of professionalism.[1]

Stephen A. Smith (or "Screamin' A. Smith" as he likes to be called) is a multiple Emmy Award winning television reporter. In 2006 the Emmy's "Loud Angry Black Man" category was renamed after him and dubbed the "Screamin' A. Smith "SAY IT LOUD ENOUGH AND THEY WILL BELIEVE YOU" award".

Smith is from England, as can be noted from his thick British accent and his snobbishly fastidious observance of correct grammar. After graduating magna cumm laude with a Phd in English Literature from Oxford University Smith moved to America and started following sports and writing sports articles. He quickly built up a very loyal fanbase.[2][3] Smith is noted to reach a decibel level only heard in screaming yaks and screeching beetles when he makes a point, which is usually right about when the other guy is halfway through making his point. Described as the H. Rap Brown of NBA basketball reporters by an important social critic, Smith has continued his fiery denunciation of pointless basketball minutiae to his wit's end.

edit Trivia

  • An MSN search for pages containing the phrase "I hate Stephen A. Smith" returned 3,543,321 results.
  • When told by a superior he incorrectly inserted the wrong score, point total, and winning team into an article about the NBA Finals Smith asserted, "QUIT PLAYA-HATIN' I'M JUST KEEPING IT REAL!!"
  • Stephen A. Smith is considered one of the world's foremost basketball experts by Kyle (aged 14) in Minnesota.
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