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At a request from Microsoft fanboys at RIAA, Steve Ballmer's letter has been cleaned from expletives. Under no circumstances should you read the main article, unless you are a Linux sysadmin. The words here are much more frightening for you than those found in the non-lite article.

edit Steve Ballmer's polite apology letter to Google

Dear SECRET FORMATS Eric Schmidt,

I would like to SECRET FORMATS politely apologize for my SECRET FORMATS aggressive behavior. I fully realize that this SECRET FORMATS move dealt a serious blow to Microsoft's reputation in the eyes of SECRET FORMATS software corporations, leave alone the opinion of SECRET FORMATS independent developers.

Destroying SECRET FORMATS Google was never my intent. As the Microsoft CEO, I am SECRET FORMATS interested in the continuation of the long-term SECRET FORMATS partnership between Microsoft and Google. Furthermore, it would be an honor for me to SECRET FORMATS participate in any SECRET FORMATS future Google campaigns, including those that promote the SECRET FORMATS competitors of Microsoft. It should be widespread knowledge that Microsoft SECRET FORMATS respects fair competition and has never engaged in any SECRET FORMATS attempts to undermine it.

As a token of my SECRET FORMATS goodwill, I hereby resign all claims that SECRET FORMATS leaving Microsoft is crime and vow to never again SECRET FORMATS throw furniture at or otherwise harm my own SECRET FORMATS colleagues. Microsoft agrees to recognize the SECRET FORMATS fact that selling copies of free software is SECRET FORMATS legal, regardless of the method by which these SECRET FORMATS copies were obtained. In respect to SECRET FORMATS copyright law, Microsoft recognizes the GNU General Public SECRET FORMATS License and other free licenses as SECRET FORMATS valid legal documents.

Yours SECRET FORMATS sincerely,
Steve Ballmer
Microsoft, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA

P.S. No committee or SECRET FORMATS court has forced me to write this SECRET FORMATS letter.

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