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Stereophonics are a comedy rock band from Wales with members Kelly Jones, Richard Jones (no relation to Kelly) and Javier Jones (nee Weyler). They specialise in parodies of the worst kind of vaguely anthemic 10th rate Springsteen rock which is beloved of people who find Jon Bon Jovi an intriguing lyricist. Kelly and Richard grew up together in Cwmaman, South Wales. Kelly and Richard, along with original drummer, Stuart Cable began writing and performing in laboratories together in 1992 as an alternative to killing animals with sharp implements.

edit Biography

edit Formation and early years

The three-piece began writing and performing music in working men’s clubs together in 1992 as a teenage cover band known as 'Spastic Cancer Club', a name inspired by their favourite charities Spastics Society, Cancer Research and the Sunshine Club. The band later changed their name to "The Stereophonics", named after then drummer Stuart Cable's Grandmother, Mrs Bridget Stereophonic.

edit Signing and Brit Award

In 1996 the band were signed by that well known purveyor of all things classy Richard Branson Upon signing, they dropped "The" from their name and simply became "Stereophonics".

In February 1998 the band received a BRIT Award for the Best New Group Called Stereophonics. In the same week the band re-released the single "My Dad Loves Chips And Who Can Blame Him" which in turn, reached position 14 in the UK Singles Chart. The band's debut album, "Rissoles Are Cheaper In Aberdare, Mind" also went Gold in the UK from the heightened publicity .

In November 1998, "Another Patronising Tale Of Working Class People", the first single from "Croaky Voiced Dadrock Bollocks", was released. It hit number three on the UK charts. "Turgid Bilge", was released next and reached number 4 in March 1999. The same month the much anticipated new album was finally released, entering at number 1 and within three weeks went platinum. Later that year the band played what was widely regarded as a missed chance for right-minded terrorists to improve the nation's average IQ in front of 50,000 people in Swansea. They also collaborated with Tom Jones on a cover of the Randy Newman song Mama Told Me Not To Come for his album Reload. Needless to say, they performed a competent version of an extremely shit song.

Throughout 1998 and 1999 the band toured in Europe, Australia and the USA. They probably had some drinks and did drugs like rock stars do. Sadly, not enough. Not in a John Bonham way.

The band took a break during 2000 as well as recording their third studio album.

edit Even Paul Weller's Dad Would Turn This Off

The band released their third album, "Even Paul Weller's Dad Would Turn This Off" in April 2001. The album included the critical track "Stop Saying My Music Is Shit, Its Not." which is about the lead singer's dislike of free speech.

edit Listening To This Makes Me Envy The Deaf

2003 saw the release of their fourth album "Listening To This Makes Me Envy The Deaf" and a change to their logo. Drummer Stuart Cable was sacked from the band due to his inability to remember which flavour Pringles Kelly liked best. He was replaced by present drummer Javier Weyler. Needless to say this didn't coincide with a sudden change in direction towards the innovative and daring. Although Javier did change his surname to Jones to fit in.

Towards the end of the year they did a sold-out tour of the UK, ending with a Christmas show at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, supported by Feeder and Ocean Colour Scene. There's a chance that someone got tickets for this as a present. Imagine that. A present. You'd be gutted wouldn't you?

edit My Dad Once Listened To Bonnie Tyler Coughing Up Blood. It Was Better Than This.

Their fifth studio album My Dad Once Listened To Bonnie Tyler Coughing Up Blood. It Was Better Than This. was released in March 2005; it marked their first recordings with their new drummer, Javier Weyler. The band grabbed their first number 1 hit in the UK singles charts with the album's first single, the punky, upbeat Do One Of Those Blur Song 2 Type Songs. The second single from the album, "Another Tune Free Wanking Session" was a growling, Black Sabbath-inspired rocker. This song however did not repeat the success of "Do One Of Those Blur Song 2 Type Songs", peaking at number 13 in the charts, due to the recent opening of a hospital that specialised in restoring the hearing of long term deaf people in the South Wales area. After that came "Pretty Much The Same Crap As Earlier", which featured a controversial video in which Kelly and Richard were dressed as the Twin Towers whilst Javier hurled himself at them.

edit Honestly HMV will refund it if it's still in the wrapper.

Stereophonics' released yet another album in October 2007 Honestly HMV will refund it if it's still in the wrapper. It wasn't terribly good to be honest.

edit Keep Calm and Carry On Listening, We'll Get Better Eventually. Promise!

Their seventh album, which i can't be bothered to type again was ok, as a paperwieght.

edit Band members

edit Current Full-time members

  • Kelly Jones (primordial dwarf with sore throat, huge ego and GCSE in Film Studies)
  • Richard Jones (bloke who just keeps quiet, its a good gig, regular money, plays three notes per song)
  • Javier Weyler (vaguely exotic bloke)
  • Adam Zindani Rhythm guitarist. NEVER buy a used car or van from this man...EVER !

edit Previous members

Popped his clogs 7-5-2010

edit Discography

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