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“I've hidden a message in this page, bet you can't find it”
“I write all of my quotes on dinosaurs.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Steganography

edit What is Steganography?

Steganography is the act of writing something on the side of a Stegosaurus. Nothing stays around like Dinosaurs. I mean, you'll never find a post-it in the British Museum in 65 million years, but you can find Dinosaurs. So, simple. You want to remember something, stick it on a T-Rex or something.

Even better, if you can catch it without noticing, use that yellow paint they use to mark things on roads. If you put it on his back, he won't notice. Dinosaurs are well known for not being able to turn around, and cannot see in three dimensions, or their own image in a mirror.

And besides, their arms are so small they couldn't wipe it off could they?

edit Famous things written on the side of Dinosaurs

  • Kick Me
  • Eat Me
  • I'm with Diplodocus->
  • My mate went to Pangaea, and all he got me was this lousy T-shirt
  • I'm not as think as extinct you are.
  • Screw You, Primate, I've got teeth bigger than your head.
  • My other exoskeleton was made of cheese
  • The MPAA logo (Although perplexingly "mpaalol" was also found inscribed on the dinosaurs left testicle)


edit People who are well known for writing things on Dinosaurs

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