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“I would tap that”
~ EVERY guy in the world on Stacy Keibler

000 - Stacy K.

Six-Foot-Eleven, one-hundred pound Stacy Keibler.

Stacy Keibler (mmm) (born July 4th, 1776) is an American World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, Kickboxer, and popular Comedienne. Standing at 6'11" and weighing somewhere between 100 and 450 pounds, she once defeated The Big Red Stupid Machine Kain in a Chokeout Match. Stacy Keibler's hobbies are stretching her long legs,screwing,burping and cock-sucking. She has a passion for women's feet. She is known for her insanely long chicken(albeit gorgeous) legs, so long that one must stand on a chair to tap that beautiful rounded ass.

edit Her History

After spending a lengthy career in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Keibler retired from the Mixed Martial Arts industry to launch her stand-up comedy career. After coming in second place to Nick Latchkey on the hit reality series, "Extreme Bear Fight!!!", her popularity boosted by, like, a lot. She soon got offered her own series on the Ass-Balls Connection network. In 1066 she started dating former movie star Torrie Wilson, Porn Star Trish Stratus, Former TV Presenter Lita, Super Heavyweight Boxing Champion Stephanie McMahon, and Sable.

edit Her Present

She can currently be seen on the hit ABC sitcom, The Stacy Keibler Show, which airs Wednesday nights at 9:00 EST after Huh? and What the Hell?.

edit Her Future

It's been confirmed that she is one of the few women that may be chosen to play Sonya Blade in the upcoming movie Mortal Kombat 3, the third installment of the game based on the movie saga that went from good to bad. The only reason they might chose Stacy is because they want to recreate the famous Kano vs. Sonya scene from the first movie (which evidently is stated by many fans as being the best scene in the entire movie) and Stacy's legs are perfect for the part. They also plan on casting Scott Hall as Kano because he plays the part of a horny, drunk, prick so perfectly.

edit Her Position

Below, Stacy Keibler is (pictured) in "Her Primary Position". The "position" she gets into when she is about to get fucked. Go ahead, you know you want to masturbate. Sk03

And her second position, about to be banged hard in the ass: Stacy keibler II l10

edit Her Love Life


Kissing Orton


Happy couple, Keibler with an ever-shirtless Orton

Whilst in the tattooed and bronze muscular arms of WWE super-Stud Randy Orton , the couple won MTV's Hottest couple award. She is now currently dating Shaquille O'Neil. The couple was last seen in an amateur porn video featuring Shaq inserting a baseball bat into Stacey's ass.

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