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Before installing this software and giving them your passwords, you might want to check out what the so-called-experts at Wikipedia have to say about SpySheriff.

Even on a clean computer, spyware can be present! That's why you must always install SpySheriff even on computers you are 100% certain are clean, because they probably aren't

SpySheriff is a well-known and "trusted" spyware program. It can remove all known, unknown, and impossible-to-exist spyware! (with one exception)

“This one's so rogue, it can even get rid of James Bond!”
~ Oscar Wilde on SpySheriff

“But not me...”
~ Sam Fisher on SpySheriff
~ Claude Speed on SpySheriff
“This SpySheriff crap's really stupid... It even tried getting rid of my Spybot!”
~ Shirley Temple on SpySheriff

edit Installation

Perhaps the easiest way to install SpySheriff is to not obey those nice pop-ups that you get when surfing porn sites. Aren't the porn sites so nice not for helping you like that? Of course, you can always download it for yourself at CENSORED: IN REALITY, IT IS EVIL. Oh dear, the evil spyware makers decided to prevent you from getting access to this HORRIBLE program that they know would be their downfall. Just go to those dang porn sites already!

edit Usage

The people who make SpySheriff are so not nice that they give away free trial versions. However, because the people who make SpySheriff need to eat and pay for their porn, they charge money to enable removing all the not bad stuff.

edit Post-installation

After installation of SpySheriff, you might notice your computer giving you errors, slowing down, and raising strange pop-ups. This is not SpySheriff's fault, but rather, all the spyware coming from SpySheriff that is on your computer is reacting violently to their gravest enemy's presence, in a futile effort to discredit SpySheriff. I guess most spyware makers are too dumb to consider that doing such only promotes SpySheriff! SpySheriff ∞ - Spyware 0!

SpySheriff also attempts to create its own account, so that any evil evil spyware programs have to combat software in a different account, which is known to be impossible.

edit Uninstallation

SpySheriff is extremely hard to take off. However, you can go onto another person's PC (a friends PC) and download Malwarebytes' AntiMalware @ www.malwarebytes.org. Download the file, put it into your USB Drive and then... Update it. Perform a Quick Scan then.. WALLA!

edit Weakness


SpySheriff's one weakness. Note how it fails to detect Spybot S&D.


Spybot S&D lies and says that our savior cause it isSpySheriff is itself spyware!

SpySheriff has been mathematically proven to have exactly one weakness, one piece of spyware that it cannot detect. Evil programmers have created that spyware, and it is called Spybot S&D. Spybot S&D claims that SpySheriff is itself spyware! Since we know this to be false, Spybot S&D must be lying! no SpySheriff does not detect Spybot S&D. Therefore, if you can avoid infection with Spybot S&D, you never need to worry about any other spyware! Other spyware it can't detect is Malwarebytes, McAfee, and some other random crap.

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