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edit SporkMan Origin

Born in Funky Town UsDa, SporkMan was special as a little boy and was made fun of and wasnt allowed to play with reindeer games. Despite all the rejection Sporky still had good in his heart but was bullied by Dewey, a ginger who loved cats and was said to stick his thumb up his butt before exams. SporkMan grew up and left funky town for treasures and a beautiful woman named Beyonce. Sporkman befriended the diner waitress. Spork and the waitress had a baby called The Clit. "CatManDewey",previously known as dewey killed beyonce and sent away The Clit as a baby.

edit SporkMan's travels

SporkMan went to the land of the south and went on Searching for CatMan but found a friend who promised his life to sporkman if he could save them.

edit WangMan Orign

Was Born in The State of Georgia in 1989, third son of Walter and Michell Manning. The couple was out enjoying their sweet property and ran off towarded the is said when Wang was only a child he was left out in a field only to be eatin by coyotes, SporkMan was in the neighborhood and befriended the coyotes and eventually mated, gaining the trust of the pack and WangMan. SporkMan set out to rid the world of evil and was ambushed by "The Steak Knife". Wang heard the commotion and quickly aided SporkMan and defeating Steak Knife. The Two joined forces and have stood together ever since.

edit The Begining of Sporks(the Untensils)

Where Do They Come From?

With the widespread use of sporks today, great thought has gone as to the origin of the spork. There are two primary theories:

The Creation Theory During the middle of the 20th century, God finally completed his greatest inventional feat, the spork. After the first spork was created, God stepped back, looked at it and smiled, for saw that it was good. Delighted with his ingenuity, God embarked to produce them in mass quantities and give them to the people of the world, fulfilling the forgotten clause in his covenent with the peoples of Abraham. Thus, there are now billions of Sporks worldwide, to the satasfaction of all.

By the time God made his invention of the spork, the people of the earth were already using forks, spoons, and knives. God realised that much of what he had already done for mankind was brought about gradually, making it easier for his peoples to adapt to the revolutionary changes. Therefore, he gradually guided the plastic-ware engineers of the world to make more spoonlike forks, and finally, by the mid-20th centry, the almighty design was complete. This design was called a Spork, and when God heard it, he was happy (wouldn't you be?).

== How To Bury SporkMan==

Burial of Broken SporkMan

If a sporkman is damaged, it should be given a proper burial. One must return to the site of aquisition of the sporkman and complete the ceremony. Pour vinegar oil all across the spork, making certain that the entire sporkman is covered with oil. Quickly, as soon as the drenching is completed, the sporkman must be buried and covered next to the foundation of the establishment of aquisition. No ceremonial verses are necessary, as it tends to be an emotional time for those involved.

edit The Byrant League, and issues

The Byrant league consits of yours truely Sporkman, Wangman, DobieMan, all which band together to take out the evil Pyscho T. The Byrant league was formed to find a way to remove Psycho T from the face of the earth. Pyscho T used to be apart of the Byrant League, but the grand leader and founder of the Byrant league grew furious one day of his pupil who used his powers for wrong doing. Psycho T used is brain powers to sway a young girl to lay with him and this was strictly prohibited by grand master Byrant, even worse it was byrants sister. Grandmaster Byrant and Physcho T had a major battle while the other three pupils were out and about, Pyscho T ambushed Grandmaster and won the battle, as soon as the pupils got there the but it was to late. Pyscho T vanished with what would become Pyscho E and they battle against the Byrant League till this day

page was created from pure stupidity,and to make jokes for the common uncyclopedians, we thank uncyclopedia for giving us a place to spread the word as we were banned from wikipedia. No actual names were used .if this offended you. get the hell over it

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