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The spoon, namely the Wooden Spoon, has long been a widely accepted instrument in many musical groups and ensembles. The word "Spoon" is derived from Spam, meaning digusting beefy mush in latin. Hence the spoon's common misuse as a tool for eating spam and other (inedible) foods with.

edit History


A young prodigy

The first records of the spoon being used as a musical instrument date back to our Childhood, when our mums would let us "cook" with them as we hit a large pot with an unprofessional spoon to create a strangely pleasing atmospheric banging. This technique later led to the development of the Drums, a little known untuned instrument played by hitting a 'stick' on a 'box', often used to scare children away from sweet shops. By the late Baroque period, the spoon had evolved into a double-sided contraption, very similar to that used today.


A professional spoon player

edit Marketing

In the early middle ages, companies began to make use of the popularity of the instrument, using it to sell art, music food, souvenirs and more. Some brands flourished from the success of these sales, including:

  • Nestle
  • Kellog's

The Spoon being used to promote a brand

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