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“No, Luke, I AM your father.”

A Spoiler tells you what happened in the TV-Episode you were going to watch in three hours.

How to avoid themEdit

It is almost impossible to live a spoiler-free life, but there are some tricks you might want to use. That way, when you are old and weak, lying on your bed, being almost dead, your last words may be: "At least I tried." The only way to ignore Spoilers completely is to cover your ears and keep your eyes closed all the time.

Spoiler AlertEdit

If you ever see this warning, start screaming, turn around and run away immediately. Otherwise you will feel worse than Arya Stark did after her parents were murdered.

The internetEdit

Avoid every website you can find online, if you don't want to know who is able to see dead people.


News Networks, like CNN often like to spoil you the election results. Studies have shown that politics are a lot more interesting if you don't know who is the president of the united states until you started to choke at one of his rallies. The international institute for statistics has found in one of their recent studies that there is a correlation in being uninformed and happiness. Out of the 5000 American citizens they asked, the half claiming Bernie Sanders were president ranked their happiness over four points higher on a scale from one to seventeen.

Watching TVEdit

Watching an episode of Game of Thrones might tell you about Joffrey's death or Jon Snow's resurrection, so you will not be able to find out for yourself.

How to use themEdit

It can be a lot of fun to spoil your friend's favorite TV shows and books. That way you can easily distinguish a real friendship from a fake one. Spoiling someone can be especially useful as a trump card in a fight. If there is someone pointing a gun at you, promise this person that with your last words, you will scream that Luke Skywalker died in Star Wars Episode VIII: The last Jedi. Warning: this technique only works with a Star Wars fan! If your adversary is a Trekkie, this might already have settled your fate.