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Microsoft Word's speech to text fun Chan

The speech to text software and is a tool used to convert the spoken word into text format buyer at Compu term macro phone backspace a Computer microphone full stop It is most useful as an accessibility to rollbackspace tool two paid the Partially-sighted in navigating computer systems, However it is also used By by lazy people Who cannot be bothered to type full stop


Primitive voice recognition

The past twenty years have seen the most developments are voice recognition but in actual fact Alexander Graham bell helped pie on ear The technology pee read I mean. He discovered how to convert Sound waves into written formats – To that he would speak to some Coke on the phone who would ride it out by hand. However comma Most people, A specially bells Personal assistant Jim, became tired Of writing everything by hand and wanted something that would not give them RSI All the wrist of the wrist. Enter I mean


The nineteen eighty’s soar massive developments In the technology when to distinct types of commercial products became available full stop, er. The first offered speaker independent recognition of small vocabularies. It was most useful for almost nothing except translating the speech of Parents heats parakeets hit over the head with an iron bar. The second, offered by the Kurzweil applied intelligence, dragon systems and IBM, focused on the development of a large vocabulary voice recognition systems so that the text documents could be created by voice dictation. This was better but still quite shit, and it’s streamlined extremely expensive.

Over the past two decades cummer Voice recognition technology has developed to the point of real time continuous speech systems that augment command, security and content creation tasks with exceptionally hi accurate c. However my computer still does not recognize ‘ship buttresses’. See what I mean?

In about speech to text software But


John Prescott userificates Speech to text software on his computimacator for writifying his speeches.

Speech recognition systems, depending on several different factors have a wide performance range as measured by world error rate The. These factors include that environment, thespeakingrateofthespeaker The context open brackets or the for grammar) Being used in recognition. For example speech marks I went to the shop to ban some milk close speech marks would be translated as “I want Mirislov tubby summink” If the speaker did not pronounce The words clearly and correctly.

In addition, Users can AdWords To a speech recognition database Held on there personal computer To and use a “Text to speech” Function for the computer to read it back to them. Some say renowned professor Steven talking helped to develop and implement text to speech software to help him communicate, But in actual fact hawking was borne a row bot, and uses this as a cover-up of his axe usual identity. And to enter


Despise the many positive aspects of Speech to text software, there are all so many drawbacks the. The main problems for those living outside North America is with American Spellings. Many argue that this contributes the Americanization of society, blaming it on poorly organized computer programs.

Related to this, the software generally does not take into account regional dialects and accents. A example of this could be colon "I must dash to catch the bus" in certain regional accents might be misinterpreted as "I must catch the buzz", transforming its meaning all together now.

The summery And

The Most speech recognition soft wear users would ten to agree that dick tate shun software can achieve very hi! Performance in con trolled conditions. However, mostly they are just plane rubbish of translating. I blame that big gates, giving his money to Charity instead of giving it to Aliens which would hand over the technology they invented years back. Stupid Micro soft carp per nation.

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