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VFHVFH/"Listen Up Guys" (Speech by Omar Bongo)
VFH/'ModedVFH/0.999...VFH/01000010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001
VFH/01010100 01100001 01101100 01101011 00111010 01000010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001VFH/1VFH/10
VFH/1000 Uncyclopedians Typing HamletVFH/100 reasons to ban LyrithyaVFH/100 worst movie lines
VFH/100 worst movies of all timeVFH/101 uses for a dead catVFH/11-Wide
VFH/123456789VFH/12 year old girl theoryVFH/12 year olds invading the internet
VFH/1337VFH/13 year old intelligenceVFH/13 year old intelligence (2th)
VFH/13 year old intelligencesVFH/15 year old intelligenceVFH/1947 Horse-Throwing Competition
VFH/1969 24 Hours of Le MansVFH/1984VFH/1989
VFH/1=2VFH/2001: A Space OdysseyVFH/2008 Olympic Torch Relay - London
VFH/2008 Summer OlympicsVFH/2012 (Second nom)VFH/21st Century Nazis
VFH/21st Century Nazis (2nd nomination)VFH/2 Girls 1 Calculus EquationVFH/2 Girls 1 Calculus Equation (2nd nomination)
VFH/2 Girls 1 Calculus Equation (rewritten)VFH/2 girls 1 calculus equationVFH/3 Second Rule
VFH/40 fun things to do at Best BuyVFH/4chanVFH/4chan (2nd nomination)
VFH/500 ft tall turd monsterVFH/50 shades of greyVFH/5 Things Cracked Stole From Uncyclopedia
VFH/666VFH/667:Neighbor of The BeastVFH/6809
VFH/9-11 according to a 5 year oldVFH/9/11 (video game)VFH/99942 Apophis
VFH/9 11VFH/A-levelVFH/A. A. Milne
VFH/AIDS (Space Program) (Rewrite)VFH/AIDS (Space program) (4th nomination)VFH/A Brief History Of Hot Bitches In Leather Kicking Ass
VFH/A Bull's Life- A story of racism, prejudice and perseveranceVFH/A CCTV NativityVFH/A Day With My Son
VFH/A Fine FrenzyVFH/A Guide to Snark Hunting - An Edwardian Gentlemen's CompanionVFH/A Helpful Compilation
VFH/A Helpful Compilation of the One Hundred (or so) Worst Things to Stick Your Dick into, and an Account of the Scientific Explorations ThereofVFH/A Man Getting Hit in the Crotch 800 TimesVFH/A Man Getting Hit in the Crotch 800 Times (2nd Nom)
VFH/A Message From Glenn BeckVFH/A Note from your KillerVFH/A Number
VFH/A Right Royal ChristmasVFH/A Series of Unfortunate EventsVFH/A Study of Existentialism within Speed 2: Cruise Control
VFH/A Tinge of MingeVFH/A Tinge of Minge (2nd nomination)VFH/A Typical Canadian Morning Show
VFH/A Very Special ArticleVFH/A Victorian Gentleman's Guide to the Trivialities of CourtshipVFH/A Victorian Gentleman's Guide to the Trivialities of Courtship (2nd nomination)
VFH/A bunch of aristocrats fucking. Awesome vidVFH/A day in the life of a real DoctorVFH/A friendly message from the supporters of John McCain
VFH/A friendly message from the supporters of John McCain (2nd nomination)VFH/A gay retared placeVFH/A lack of inspiration
VFH/A letter about Megan FoxVFH/A new lease on lifeVFH/A pizza a day keeps the doctor away
VFH/A pizza a day keeps the doctor away (2nd nomination)VFH/A splodeVFH/A wizard did it
VFH/A wizard did it: A RetrospectiveVFH/A wizard did it (2nd nomination)VFH/Abbey Road
VFH/Abe SimpsonVFH/AbnormalityVFH/Abortion
VFH/Above Top SecretVFH/Abraham LincolnVFH/Absolute power
VFH/AcademiaVFH/Academic Dress in the United KingdomVFH/Accountant
VFH/Accuracy disputeVFH/Adam WestVFH/Adam and Eve
VFH/Adam and Eve (2nd nomination)VFH/AdditionVFH/Addition (1+1)
VFH/Addition (2nd Nomination)VFH/Adolf HilterVFH/Adolf Hitler
VFH/Adult SwimVFH/AfairyismVFH/African American
VFH/AfterlifeVFH/Akira KurosawaVFH/Akira Kurosawa (2nd nomination)
VFH/Al CaponeVFH/Al GoreVFH/Al Qaeda Homepage
VFH/Alain RobertVFH/Alan RickmanVFH/Alaska
VFH/Albanian interpretationalist cinemaVFH/Alberto GonzalesVFH/Albrecht Durer
VFH/Alec BaldwinVFH/Alfred E. NeumanVFH/Alfred Hitchcock
VFH/Ali GVFH/Alice in SunderlandVFH/Alice in Wonderland
VFH/AlienVFH/Alien InvasionVFH/Alien Invasion (yep)
VFH/Alien vs. PredatorVFH/AllVFH/All Mixed Up
VFH/All Quiet on the Western FrontVFH/All of the AboveVFH/All to All, By My Mustard
VFH/All to All, By My Mustard: NOW WITH MORE MUSTARD??VFH/All work and no play makes Jack a dull boyVFH/All work and no play mkaes Jack a dull boy
VFH/AllahakbarriesVFH/Alliance of Motion Picture and Television ProducersVFH/Alphabetical order
VFH/AlsaceVFH/Alternative legal systemsVFH/Aluminum
VFH/Amanda Steele, Action CopVFH/Ambiguity (2nd nomination)VFH/America
VFH/America is the best!!!VFH/American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Sues Boy/CostumeVFH/American (Language)
VFH/American (species)VFH/American DreamVFH/American Dream (redux)
VFH/American FootballVFH/American PoliticianVFH/American Psycho
VFH/American cuisineVFH/Amerigo VespucciVFH/Amero
VFH/Amero (2nd Nomination)VFH/AmoebaVFH/Amy Rose
VFH/An Article Written by Somebody that Didn't Read How To Be Funny And Not Just StupidVFH/An Article Written by Somebody that Didn't Read How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid: A Retrospective
VFH/An Open Letter from "Protect the Overtly Offensive Foundation"VFH/An Open Letter from "Protect the Overtly Offensive Foundation" (2)VFH/An Open letter to Santa
VFH/An article that contains nothing but a full stopVFH/An article that contains nothing but a full stop: A retrospectiveVFH/An article with the name of the article in the article
VFH/An infinite number of monkeys with typewritersVFH/Anal SexVFH/Anal sex (2nd nom!)
VFH/AnarchyVFH/AnasaziVFH/Ancient Uncyclopedia (Renom)
VFH/Ancient Uncyclopedia (edited)VFH/Anderson CooperVFH/Andre Jackson
VFH/Andre the GiantVFH/Andrei TarkovskyVFH/Andrei Tarkovsky (2nd nomination)
VFH/Andy KaufmanVFH/Andy RooneyVFH/Anger-Management
VFH/Animal SuicideVFH/Animal fuckingVFH/Animal fucking (fuck)
VFH/Animal fucking (more animal fucking)VFH/Animals with feet war with animals with no feetVFH/Ann Coulter
VFH/Ann HathawayVFH/Anna KournikovaVFH/Anna Vissi
VFH/Another idea just came to meVFH/Answer to The Great Question of Life, The Universe, and EverythingVFH/Answers in Genesis
VFH/Anti-Emo PillVFH/Anti-GodVFH/Anti-Ugly Pill
VFH/Anti-Ugly Pill (Second Try)VFH/Anti-humourVFH/Anti-intellectualism
VFH/Antichrist PresidentVFH/AntifreezeVFH/Antoninus Pius
VFH/ApathyVFH/Apathy ManVFH/Ape-Shit Crazy
VFH/AqueductVFH/ArachnismVFH/Aran Islands
VFH/ArchaeologyVFH/Archaeology (2nd nom)VFH/Archery
VFH/Archimedes PlutoniumVFH/Are You Gayer Than Mr. Winkler?VFH/Are you colour-blind?
VFH/Are you talking to me?VFH/Arecibo MessageVFH/Aristocrats (class)
VFH/AristotleVFH/ArizonaVFH/Ark of the Covenant
VFH/Ark of the Covenant (2)VFH/Ark of the Covenant (2nd Nomination)VFH/Armadillo
VFH/Armadillo (2nd attempt)VFH/Armenia's Next Top ModelVFH/Armenian Genocide
VFH/Art That Looks Like NothingVFH/Arthur rimbaudVFH/Article not about Beyonce
VFH/AsexualityVFH/Ask Ashley: Just stinkin' unretire! Man!VFH/Ask Jeeves
VFH/Assassins from the futureVFH/AstrologyVFH/Astronaut
VFH/AtaturkVFH/Atheist Alliance of AmericaVFH/Atlanta
VFH/Atlanta ThrashersVFH/Atlas ShruggedVFH/Atlas Shrugged (2nd nomination)
VFH/Atomic MassVFH/Attention Deficit Hyperactive DisorderVFH/Attila the Hun
VFH/Auguste EscoffierVFH/AugustusVFH/Auld Lang Syne
VFH/Aunt Ginny’s Saturday afternoon lunch at Bob EvansVFH/Australian Pink FloydVFH/Avant Garde Jazz
VFH/Avant Garde Jazz (2nd Nomination)VFH/Avant Garde Jazz (expanded)VFH/Avenge my death
VFH/AversionVFH/Avril's Butt (Template Family)VFH/Avril Lavigne
VFH/Awesome landVFH/AwesomesauceVFH/Awkward Conversation
VFH/BBC Worldwide: Children's TelevisionVFH/BIBLE!VFH/BNP
VFH/BSoDVFH/Babel (movie)VFH/Baby-snatching
VFH/BabyTVVFH/Baby BoomersVFH/Baby Boomers - take 2
VFH/Baby boomerVFH/Back To The FutureVFH/Backmasking
VFH/Backmasking (again)VFH/Bacon and Cheese Sandwich of 1905VFH/Bad Directions
VFH/Bad Mike TysonVFH/Bad Nigga AttitudeVFH/Bad Nigger Attitude
VFH/Bad Nigger Attitude (NEW)VFH/Bad Nigger Attitude (renom)VFH/Bad Religion
VFH/Bad Religion(2nd Nomination)VFH/Bad Religion (2nd Nomination)VFH/Bad articles
VFH/Bad things have happened recentlyVFH/Badly Drawn PornVFH/Bagger
VFH/BaldVFH/BaldrickVFH/Balloon Animals
VFH/Ban KipVFH/BananaVFH/Banana Jacket
VFH/Barack ObamaVFH/Barack Obama's StatementVFH/Barack Obama's Teleprompter
VFH/BarbarianVFH/BarbequeVFH/Barkha Dutt
VFH/Barney FrankVFH/BassVFH/Bat Fuck Howitzer
VFH/Bat Fuck InsaneVFH/Bathroom humorVFH/Batman
VFH/Batman (IC version)VFH/Batman (Movies)VFH/Battle Royale
VFH/Battle of BosworthVFH/Battle of GrunwaldVFH/Battle of Guadalcanal
VFH/Battle of Hulao PassVFH/Battle of NormandyVFH/Battle of Trafalgar
VFH/Battle of the AlamoVFH/Battle of the Bulge in my PantsVFH/Battle of the Little Bighorn
VFH/Battle of the SexesVFH/Battleship PotemkinVFH/Beards (Political Ideology)

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