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03:22, October 4, 20151988BlackSeaIncident.png (file)3.52 MBThirdChanceForMe (Category:Soviet RussiaCategory:1980s)
02:54, October 4, 2015PatchouliKnowledgePentacleBook.jpg (file)563 KBThirdChanceForMe (Category:Video game charactersCategory:NerdCategory:HippiesCategory:Girls)
23:56, October 3, 2015Everybody Loves Raymond logo.png (file)128 KBEpicWinner 
20:39, October 3, 2015SexySecretary.jpg (file)45 KBEpicWinner 
20:28, October 3, 2015CJenner.jpg (file)56 KBEpicWinner 
20:26, October 3, 2015Guard 19.jpg (file)5.2 MBAlec Pradeux 
20:21, October 3, 2015APL70s.jpg (file)58 KBEpicWinner 
20:17, October 3, 2015Guard 27.jpg (file)498 KBAlec Pradeux 
14:34, October 3, 2015KaiwanBahroz.jpg (file)6 KBKaiwan Bahroz 
14:19, October 3, 2015LPW big.jpg (file)63 KBOb1kn0be 
20:23, October 2, 201511999033 756683867776493 4791350534065421013 n.jpg (file)53 KBKaiwan Bahroz (Kaiwan Bahroz)
16:22, October 2, 2015Tumblr mwk0qx17Zz1skn9w4o1 400.gif (file)424 KBDylanMcKaneWiki 
12:29, October 2, 2015The Kiss.jpg (file)52 KBEStop 
12:28, October 2, 2015Smithers.jpg (file)56 KBEStop 
08:56, October 2, 2015Simpsons 08 19 P1.jpg (file)56 KBOblique (image)
08:56, October 2, 2015Prohibition wastage.jpg (file)102 KBOblique (image)
16:20, October 1, 2015A sound garden.jpg (file)91 KBConCass2 (What it says on the tin)
15:11, October 1, 2015WanliEmperor.jpg (file)54 KBThirdChanceForMe (Yeah, blame this motherfucker for turning the Ming Dynasty into shit. Category:EmperorsCategory:Chinese cultureCategory:China)
14:58, October 1, 2015CityOnFireAndInRuins.jpg (file)173 KBThirdChanceForMe (Category:FireCategory:Death)
14:50, October 1, 2015FlandreStalin.png (file)1.28 MBThirdChanceForMe (Category:Video game charactersCategory:StalinCategory:CommunismCategory:Soviet Russia)
14:47, October 1, 2015TheDickHarvest.png (file)155 KBThirdChanceForMe (Category:MedievalCategory:DicksCategory:Penis)
14:46, October 1, 2015RemiliaFlandreScarletSisters.png (file)1.13 MBThirdChanceForMe (Category:Video game charactersCategory:GirlsCategory:Vampires)
12:17, October 1, 2015Cosby tells his side.jpg (file)32 KBUn-Limulus (Snagged this off Amazon, where it's still for sale. It takes on a whole new meaning nowadays, doesn't it?)
10:30, October 1, 2015System 3 punch card.jpg (file)14 KBSpike (A 96-character punched card that never caught on. From Wikipedia. )
17:20, September 30, 2015Yard1.jpg (file)1.91 MBEStop 
11:55, September 30, 2015Audi.jpg (file)75 KBEStop 
01:20, September 30, 2015Lost socks2.jpg (file)64 KBCg097 (What the mainstream media wants you to think happened to your lost socks. It's drawn by a guy named David Farley.)
22:23, September 29, 2015Black Lab.jpg (file)15 KBSpike (The face of a Black Lab, WP:240px-Black Labrador Retriever.jpg. )
11:43, September 29, 2015Tunnel keeper.jpg (file)81 KBRAF Packington (RAF Packington's MTP paint job in the main access tunnel)
11:41, September 29, 2015RAF Packington Millenium.jpg (file)46 KBRAF Packington (Secret aerial photography clearly shows a millenium falcon being serviced outside Bunker 6)
08:43, September 29, 2015Asianshemale.jpg (file)5 KBJiruchi 
08:42, September 29, 2015Averageboyfromnetwork.jpg (file)5 KBJiruchi 
05:24, September 29, 2015Savey chauhan.jpeg (file)63 KBSaveychauhan (The anal-retentive artist would like you to know: This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License v. 2.0:)
03:38, September 29, 2015Error message Frosty.png (file)175 KBOblique (Error message screenshot)
00:52, September 29, 2015Rubik's cube icon.gif (file)325 BShadowkiller168 
22:54, September 28, 2015Logo-en-hl.jpg (file)18 KBMonodromy 
22:53, September 28, 2015Crone.jpg (file)113 KBMonodromy 
22:53, September 28, 2015Wumpus.jpg (file)11 KBMonodromy 
19:09, September 28, 2015SP.jpg (file)43 KBFlutist15 (Prokofiev)
19:06, September 28, 2015Feature shostakovich1.jpg (file)5 KBFlutist15 
18:47, September 28, 2015Martin .jpg (file)84 KBFunnybony (What, he worry?)
18:24, September 28, 2015ComposerCat.jpg (file)39 KBFlutist15 
17:33, September 28, 2015Aleksandr-glazunov 1.jpg (file)109 KBFlutist15 
17:25, September 28, 20159525b.jpg (file)5 KBFlutist15 (The first Grumpy Composer meme)
13:47, September 28, 2015Lord-of-the-flies.jpg (file)57 KBRomartus 
00:13, September 28, 2015Sunrise on Mars.jpg (file)27 KBSpike (NASA photo of sunrise on Mars, as used in the Boston Herald. I took it by screen capture, but I paid for it. )
02:55, September 27, 2015BombDodongos.png (file)56 KBEpicWinner 
02:51, September 27, 2015GanonChains.JPG (file)47 KBEpicWinner 
16:26, September 26, 201570g.jpg (file)4 KBMonodromy 
16:26, September 26, 2015Noob1.jpg (file)6 KBMonodromy 

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