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17:52, December 21, 2014Headstand.png (file)71 KBAnton199 
15:36, December 21, 2014Cabalgata.jpg (file)14 KBSPIKE (A small procession of the "Cavalcade of Little Folks" in Chihuahua, Mexico. Stolen from El Heraldo de Chihuahua. )
15:33, December 21, 2014Burned Out Building.jpg (file)39 KBSPIKE (The site of an arson in Chihuahua, Mexico. Stolen from El Heraldo de Chihuahua. )
13:03, December 19, 2014Hands Up.jpg (file)127 KBSPIKE (A black man giving the "Hands Up" gesture to a line of policemen. Stolen from VICE News (; photo by Alice Speri )
23:48, December 18, 201410711 1.jpg (file)37 KBPepperMintMeg (Meg White)
21:56, December 18, 2014DGP.jpg (file)81 KBFunnybony 
15:17, December 18, 2014Santa-Beholder-1-Banner.jpg (file)253 KBSnarglefoop (And to all a good night!)
12:36, December 18, 2014Selfienoegarcia.PNG (file)860 KBNoegarciaa (myself)
15:31, December 17, 2014Plumber's truck.jpg (file)18 KBSPIKE (A truck belonging to a Texas plumber, refitted with an anti-aircraft gun. Formerly had a Twitter copyright notice. Lifted from )
00:29, December 17, 2014Grohl and obama.jpg (file)102 KBPfoby96 
16:23, December 16, 2014JamesCracknellBlackHole.jpg (file)21 KBKolacatsSweg (James Cracknell doing the Black Hole 500,000,000,003K, tough even if you don't have brain damage. )
16:21, December 16, 2014JamesCracknell.png (file)600 KBKolacatsSweg (James Cracknell during the recent Henstock 50K; the toughest, most gruelling test of endurance on life.)
16:19, December 16, 2014RussianRevolution.jpg (file)47 KBRomartus 
05:09, December 16, 2014Mexico today.png (file)141 KBUbarun 
15:11, December 15, 2014Empire Total War cover art.jpg (file)108 KBBenjr69 (Some )
23:00, December 13, 2014Barf (Spaceballs).jpg (file)11 KBSPIKE (Copy of from )
21:53, December 13, 2014Richard Pittenger.jpg (file)50 KBSPIKE (Police return Richard Pittenger's stolen shotgun to him after 37 years. Stolen from the Associated Press. Photo by Rick Bowmer. )
11:00, December 13, 2014CometRosetta.jpg (file)5 KBScottPat 
01:32, December 13, 2014Killer volcanoes.jpg (file)240 KBYour lovable dictator (The deccan traps mugshot, after being arrested for the murder of dinosaurs)
18:52, December 12, 2014Hors d'oeuvres.jpg (file)12 KBSPIKE ("Hors d'oeuvres at the James Beard House, January 2007"--From the Wikipedia article WP:James Beard )
17:53, December 12, 2014Dog toilet.jpg (file)47 KBAnton199 
01:05, December 12, 2014Flugelwassel2.jpg (file)173 KBJoeblow1325 
01:01, December 12, 2014Eeshia.jpg (file)40 KBJoeblow1325 
00:57, December 12, 2014Lasershark.jpg (file)146 KBYour lovable dictator (The newest weapon in the united states arsonel: Sharks with frickin laser beams)
00:54, December 12, 2014Flugelwassel.jpg (file)5 KBJoeblow1325 
00:20, December 12, 2014Stockport.jpg (file)359 KBEWK (Stockport)
18:35, December 11, 2014Hang Glider 1920s.jpg (file)7 KBDictatorDono 
18:32, December 11, 2014LeBris1868.jpg (file)55 KBDictatorDono 
18:06, December 11, 2014Hawaiian lava flow destroys elementary school.jpg (file)246 KBYour lovable dictator (The aftermath of a tragic lavaflow overtaking an elementary school)
17:40, December 11, 2014No-can-do.jpg (file)66 KBFunnybony 
21:02, December 10, 2014Suika's Nut.jpeg (file)12 KBFutanariFunTime 
20:53, December 10, 2014Angry Suika.jpg (file)12 KBFutanariFunTime 
19:40, December 10, 2014Trading floor.jpg (file)7 KBSPIKE (A stock shot of traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. A still of a video at )
18:03, December 10, 2014Robojobs.jpg (file)128 KBYour lovable dictator (The android Steve Jobs before he crashed and subsequently broke down)
16:37, December 10, 2014578601f1e609854a9153e3e832d9e6ed.jpg (file)26 KBYa Boi Armaldo 
16:24, December 10, 2014Lenin.png (file)160 KBThatsthewrongmountain 
02:52, December 10, 2014UnNews--Louisiana gets around to announcing vote.mp3 (file)2.9 MBSPIKE (Audio for the UnNews)
01:48, December 10, 2014Black lives matter.jpg (file)48 KBYour lovable dictator (A sign from a protest meaning that black lives, a scientific term to describe 3/5ths of a radioactive life, matter. its longer than a half life, and you don't see Gordon freeman Complaining about it)
00:43, December 10, 2014Keg stand.jpg (file)18 KBSPIKE (Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, participating in a college "keg stand." From a Washington Times article on protections for Facebook users. )
19:42, December 9, 2014BrainYUNoWork.jpg (file)10 KBCrappyUncyclopedian1111 (Brain Y U NO WORK?)
02:08, December 9, 2014RockyHorrorPictureShow.jpg (file)48 KBXamralco 
02:08, December 9, 2014Pool orgy.jpg (file)34 KBXamralco 
23:19, December 8, 2014Blue Screen of AAAAAAAAA! Win8.png (file)19 KBEdwardw818 (Windows 8 Blue Screen of death for the AAAAAAAAA! article. Sorry, I mean... AAAAAAA A AAAA AAAAAA AA AAAAA AAA AAA AAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAA!)
10:30, December 8, 2014JIAN GHOMESHI.png (file)223 KBJimbison (Toronto – The Canadian Broadcast Commission (CBC) announced the following recalls today: 100,000 model year 2002-2004 Jian Ghomeshi dolls because of potential choking hazards. CBC is aware of two chokings and one injury potentially related to the is...)
12:58, December 7, 2014Catherine-the-great.jpeg (file)57 KBRomartus 
12:34, December 7, 2014Franz-Josef1.jpg (file)30 KBRomartus 
12:22, December 7, 2014MarieLouise1.jpg (file)49 KBRomartus 
12:10, December 7, 2014OttoVonHabsburg.jpg (file)61 KBRomartus 
00:11, December 7, 2014Ct1.jpg (file)78 KBYour lovable dictator (A navy seal poses for a picture before a firefight)
05:49, December 6, 2014Keith martin.jpg (file)41 KBYour lovable dictator (a picture of your mother on her death bed.)

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