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20:30, September 1, 2014St Paul's.jpg (file)8 KBSPIKE (St. Paul's Church in London after the German bombings in 1940. From the BBC; watermark identifies it as property of Getty Images. )
15:44, September 1, 2014UnNews--Brain-eating amoeba in tap water.mp3 (file)2.77 MBSPIKE (Audio for the UnNews)
20:58, August 31, 2014Twilight-zone-movie.jpg (file)20 KBXamralco 
19:33, August 31, 2014Mississippi River.jpg (file)34 KBSPIKE (A bend in the Mississippi River in St. John the Baptist Parish, used at ABC News, which says it was generated by Google Street View. )
15:34, August 31, 2014Rasta Mouse.JPG (file)10 KBSPIKE (An outrageous pattern from a T-shirt of a rastafarian Mickey Mouse wearing a T-shirt with an outrageous pattern, and Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops. The T-shirt was confiscated from a vendor stand outside a Grateful Dead concert, and handed down ...)
13:25, August 31, 2014Flag of Barcelona.png (file)10 KBAnton199 
11:23, August 31, 2014Valentinian03-02.jpg (file)112 KBRomartus 
08:40, August 31, 2014AttilaLeo.jpg (file)98 KBRomartus 
23:52, August 30, 2014BarkNMPCcAAKy1t.jpg (file)32 KBAlter Cocker 
23:43, August 30, 201414263638945b9713540f6a7067007b15.jpg (file)113 KBAlter Cocker 
23:22, August 30, 2014BqOsVw1CMAArFBq.jpg (file)54 KBAlter Cocker 
22:54, August 30, 2014Green by 01px-d7g3z8x.png (file)412 KBAlter Cocker 
22:47, August 30, 2014Mikesam.jpg (file)61 KBPocketthesaurus 
22:11, August 30, 2014Navel orange.jpg (file)8 KBSPIKE (A navel orange. Stolen from, which came up in a Google search )
20:14, August 30, 2014SumnerRedstone2005.jpg (file)145 KBEpicWinner 
17:08, August 30, 2014Val03-01.jpg (file)215 KBRomartus 
17:08, August 30, 2014HunyHoni.jpg (file)73 KBRomartus 
17:07, August 30, 2014Socrates001.jpg (file)31 KBRomartus 
17:00, August 30, 2014OldNickLogo.png (file)16 KBEpicWinner 
13:58, August 30, 2014Rutherford B. Hayes.gif (file)33 KBSPIKE (US President Rutherford B. Hayes. From )
21:50, August 29, 2014Sugarloaf.jpg (file)11 KBDRA$H 
21:41, August 29, 2014Ie11-windows8.png (file)18 KBLlwy-ar-lawr (User:Llwy-ar-lawr/TOC as seen from Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8)
21:41, August 29, 2014Ff28-windows8.png (file)16 KBLlwy-ar-lawr (User:Llwy-ar-lawr/TOC as seen from Firefox 28 on Windows 8)
21:40, August 29, 2014Ff29-windowsxp.png (file)5 KBLlwy-ar-lawr (User:Llwy-ar-lawr/TOC as seen from Firefox 29 on Windows XP)
21:39, August 29, 2014Ie8-windowsxp.png (file)7 KBLlwy-ar-lawr (User:Llwy-ar-lawr/TOC as seen from Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. Note the inability to expand the TOC and the failure to float the section edit link to the right.)
21:37, August 29, 2014Ff31-ubunto12.04-c.png (file)27 KBLlwy-ar-lawr (User:Llwy-ar-lawr/TOC as seen with Firefox 31 on Ubuntu 12.04 (my default desktop))
21:14, August 29, 2014Antigonowhere.png (file)51 KBDRA$H 
21:10, August 29, 2014Botswana.jpg (file)10 KBDRA$H (hjkhjk)
21:08, August 29, 2014Botswana.jpeg (file)10 KBDRA$H (map)
21:03, August 29, 2014Stfx flag.png (file)12 KBDRA$H (Flag)
11:05, August 29, 2014GallaPlacidia 01.jpg (file)68 KBRomartus 
10:35, August 29, 2014RomanWoman01.jpg (file)46 KBRomartus 
00:22, August 29, 2014Cutter.JPG (file)7 KBSPIKE (A bottle of Cutter mosquito repellent. Photo by me. Trademark belongs to its owner; my guess is it's "United Industries Corporation" of St. Louis, Mo. (until they sell it). )
17:13, August 28, 2014Rabbit-Shit-Rabbit by Dieter Roth.jpg (file)143 KBEveryotherusernamewastaken 
16:04, August 28, 2014Valentinian3-01.jpg (file)82 KBRomartus 
08:32, August 28, 2014RAttenborough01.jpg (file)51 KBRomartus 
07:39, August 28, 2014LordUnc01.jpg (file)87 KBRomartus 
19:47, August 27, 2014News - Smokey.jpg (file)6 KBAmericanBastard (Uploaded for news article -AmericanBastard)
15:51, August 27, 2014Stooges3.png (file)1.47 MBAmericanBastard (3 Stooges clip)
11:30, August 27, 2014KaiserTsar01.jpg (file)17 KBRomartus 
10:44, August 27, 2014Chess03.jpg (file)76 KBRomartus 
07:55, August 27, 2014Chess02.jpg (file)74 KBRomartus 
07:21, August 27, 2014Chess01.jpg (file)138 KBRomartus 
16:45, August 26, 2014Nickeldeon wants brains.png (file)40 KBPlatypush 
17:30, August 25, 2014Recep Tayyip Erdogan.PNG (file)387 KBFreezingmoon 
17:28, August 25, 2014Grant morrison as fictional grant.jpeg (file)313 KBChapattack (Grant at play with other fictional characters)
16:46, August 25, 2014Grant Morrison with pen.jpeg (file)38 KBChapattack (Grant Morrison playing with a pen.)
16:29, August 25, 2014Navelism01.jpg (file)42 KBRomartus 
03:23, August 24, 2014Is it safe?.jpeg (file)30 KBHogmeister (When actress Jessie Wallace dentally tortured Dustin Ian Hoffman Beale to find out if it was safe to go back to the Queen Vic after it had been set on fire for the 1,000th Christmas day running. )
01:27, August 24, 2014Sw7world.jpg (file)14 KBFrank Fancinostril 

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