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! to 1617
1618 to AC DC
AC Milan to Alien v. Predator
Alien versus Predator to Apostles
Apostraphe to Awkward Turtles
Awkward conversation to Beards
Bears to Blondie
Blonds to Buckaroo Banzai
Bucket to Carlos ruiz
Carlton to Chris Korzen
Chris Martin to Confederacy
Confederate to Cute little rabbit
Cuteness to Delta Goodrem
Demetri Martin to Download Now! CCTCGAGAATTTAACAAA
Download festival to Elections in the United States
Electon to Extraterrestrial Chinese
Extraterrestrial life to Fisher Price
Fisher Price: A Retrospective to Fucking Kill
Fucking Kill™ to Giganotosaurus
Giger Gay Bars to Groo
Groom Lake to Helena Bonham-Carter
Helengrad to How To:Write a Country Song
How To: Be For Something Before You Are Against It to Illness
Illogical Logic to Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer Facts to John Seigenthaler
John Seigenthaler Sr to Kitten-related human fatalities
Kitten/Lite to Leonardo Da vinci
Leonardo DiCaprio to Lund
Lundy Hall to Marty Friedman/Marty userpage
Marty King to Migraines
Migrants to Mr Bean
Mr Blobby to New Joysee
New Kansas to OS/2
OS2 to PS1
PS2 to Phan
Phantasy Star IV to Pop tart
Pop tarts to Prototype game
Protractor to Real life
Real world to Rock Band (video game)
Rock Hill to Santaism
Santaist to Shaq
Shaq Fu to Socialist Alternative
Socialist Alternative (Australia) to Stamp
Stamp collecting to Sven-Göran Eriksson
Sven Goran Eriksson to That annoying voice
That article to The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker to The incident
The infinite paradox to Tony Dungy
Tony Hadley to UN:DONUTS
UN:DP to Uncycloversity:Communist Pork Hole
Uncycloversity:Course Catalog to Vincent
Vincent Price to Wheelie bin
Wheelie bins to World
World's Greatest Asshole Competition to Zeno's Paradox
Zeno of Elea to
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