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! to 1631
1632 to ALF
ALF (TV series) to Allah's True Prophet Muhammad
Allah's law to April 5
April 6 to BAMF
BAMPH to Begging the question
Begining of Time to Board with a nail in it
Boarding school to Bunnyland
Bunyip to Catastrophic time-space failure
Catch-22 to Church of Nihilism
Church of Ross to Contrary to popular belief
Contrary to popular belief(phrase) to Dadaism
Daddy to Dexter Morgan
Dfjijffdd to Drug
Drug Addiction to Employee
Employee Profile Test to Fake ID
Fake IDs to Focus on the family
Fog to GameCube
GameFakes to God hates Tasmania
God is a Girl to Ha ha Quaker
Habanero to Hippocrates of kos
Hippopotamus to Hurt locker
Husband to Installing XP
Installshield to Jeff Gordon
Jeff Hardy to KGB
KGB (color scheme) to Ladder
Ladies to List of Trekkism Stages
List of Ubuntu forks to Main Page/Beta
Main Page/Gamma to Meditation
Mediterranean to Monash University
Monash university to Nailing
Nairn to Nonsense/ShowSec use
Nonsensepedia to Oprah's minge
Oprah Harpo 5932 to Peanut
Peanut-butter to Platypus attack
Platypuses to Prejudice
Premature burial to Race riots
Racecar Bed Racing to Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Feynman to SL Benfica
SM to Senior Dream
Senior citizen to Carmack and Firefox Carmack interview to Spider-pig
Spider Jerusalem to Sui Dynasty
Suicidal to Telethon
Teletubbie to The Great Gig in the Sky
The Great Global Repopulation of 1946 to The What Do You Want To Do Game
The Wheel to Titus Androgynous
Titus Andronicus to U.S.S.R.
U.S.S. Enterprise to Uncompleteness Theorem
Uncontrollable bowl syndrome to Verne
Veronica Cangemi to West Coast Football Club
West Coast Rap to Woking
Wokr to Your son
Your wife to
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