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" to 1980's
1980s to Alcoholics Oblivious
Alcoholism to Arse
ArsebOOk to Basement Dweller
Basement dweller to Bob "Two-thumbs" McGinty
Bob Barker to California
California Adventure to Chomsky
Chonga to Cost schedule for buying the US government
Costa Coffee to Debutante
Decade to Dronfield
Drop Bear to Eton
Eton College to Five-Day War
Five O'Clock Shadow of the Colossus to Gas
Gas Giant to Greatful Dead
Greatness to Hikaru Sulu
Hikaru Utada to I Have A Problem
I Have a Dream to Jam session
Jamaica to Kareoke
Kargesloch to Leif
Leigh Genesis to Madrid
Madriz to Mexican Man Eating Eagle
Mexican Pie to Museums
Mush room to Norman Invasion of England (video game)
Norman Wisdom to PLO
PLS to Pippin the musical
Piracy to Probability
Probability theory to Redirection
Redirects to SEGA
SEHS to Shedtroll/leith
Sheena Easton to Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle Challenger to Superboy
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to The Book of the Law
The Boondock Saints to The United Kingdom of America
The United States to Toronto maple leafs
Torpedophile to Ultra-violence
Ultra Christ to Video Game Addiction
Video Game Controversy to Wicker Man
Wickerman to You have two cows/10
You have two cows/11 to
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