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" to 1617
1618 to APL
APL (programming language) to All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All your base to April 17
April 18 to Azathoth and Nyarlathotep
Azerbaidjan to Beaver & Cucumber
Beavers to BlueByte
Blue (boy band) to Buggles
Bugs to Cartoon
Cartoon City to Christmas
Christmas Carol to Conor Oberst
Conquer to Cylon and Garfunkel
Cymbal Bullying to Dennis Miller
Dennis Rodman to Dr. Seuss
Dr. Spock to Eleven
Eleven Commandments to Eyeballs
Eyebeam to Five Portions
Five day banana to Fulton Umbrellas
Fun to Ginchael/A Tale Of Two Cities
Ginger to Guatemala
Guatemala City: South American Hellhole to Hemel Hempstead
Hemel hempstead to How to: blame something else for your problems
How to: create a paradox that will problably end the universe as we... to Immigration
Immoral to Jack turnip
Jackalope to Johnny Borrell
Johnny Cochran to Kitty giraffes
Kitty hawk to Les Paul
Les Stroud to Lutefisk
Lutheran to Martyrdom For Dummies
Marvel to Migraines
Migrants to Mr. Winkler is gay
Mr. Wizard to New Germany
New Hampshire to OMFG
PIE to Peterborough
Petersburg to Poopie
Pooping to Protector of the American Way
Protector of the British Isles to Razor Scooter
Razorlight to Robofetishism
Robosexual to Sandman
Sandro Botticelli to Shaggy dog story
Shah Abbas I the Great to So You Think You Can Joust?
So You Think You Might Be A Robosexual to St. Valentine's Day
St. Valentine's Day Massacre to Surfer
Surfer Donkey to Tghe
Tgi friday's to The Jew Crew
The Jewish Problem to The dandy warhols
The debilitating skin disease I got from battling the undead to Toliet
Tolkein to UN:2005
UN:2006 to Uncyclopedia Legal Department/Cases
Uncyclopedia Legal Department/Complaints to Vice versa
Vicodin to Western Samoa
Western United States to Wolf
Wolf Hardeyk to Your death
Your dick to
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