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! to 1617
1618 to AC DC
AC Milan to Alien v. Predator
Alien versus Predator to Apostles
Apostraphe to Awkward Turtles
Awkward conversation to Beards
Bears to Blondie
Blonds to Bucket
Buckethead to Carlton
Carlton Banks to Chris Morris (satirist)
Chris P. Bacon to Confederate States of America
Confession to Cutters
Cw to Democracy
Democracy is not permanent to Dr.
Dr.Maybe to Electric Boogaloo
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test to Extreme Chess
Extreme Ironing to Fisher price
Fisherman to Fucking magical
Fucking retard to Gihad
Gila monster to Groundhog day
Groundskeeper Willie to Hell's Angels
Hell's Kitchen to How To ...Get Laid
How To ...Get Paid! to Image requests
Images to Jack Kennedy
Jack Kerouac to John Steinbeck
John Stewart to Kitten hoffing
Kitten huff to Lepidus
Leporiphobia to Lutheranism
Lutherans to Marx Dynasty
Marx Shrugged to Mike Godwin
Mike Gravel to Mr Rogers
Mr T to New Orleans Square
New Page of The Bible Discovered to Oakland Athletics
Oasis to PWNED
PWn463 to Phells Disease
Phenomena to Pope Francis I
Pope George Ringo I to Prussian
Prussian Blue to Really Effing Retarted
Really big text to Rock band (video game)
Rock bands to Sarai
Sarawak to Sharon Stone
Sharp to Sociopath
Sociopathic to Stanley cup
Staple gun to Swear
Swear words to That time I accidentally launched a thousand ships with my face dur...
That time I accidentally miscalculated the date of creation during ... to The Lindys
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to The lore and fairie tale of Wikiland and its noble and majestik Kin...
The man to Tool (band)
Toolbar to UN:FO
UN:FOAD to Underground Railroad
Underground railroad to Violin
Viracocha to Wheeling Jesuit University/Buildings/Lundy Hall
Wheeling Jesuit University/Buildings/Metaphysical Plant to World Series of Bloodbath
World Trade Center to Zilko
Zillion to
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