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" to 1616
1617 to AOTM
AP to All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All your base to April 16
April 17 to Az
Azathoth to Beauty and the Beast
Beaux-Arts architecture to Blu ray
Blue to Bug
Bug-Rug to Carry on film
Cars to Christian scientists
Christian worship to Conisbrough
Conjoined twin to Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus
Cyclic vomiting syndrome to Deng Xiaoping
Denial to Dr. N. Toleránt's Informative Letter: An Informative Letter
Dr. Nefarious to Element
Elementary School to Extremely loud and incredibly close
Exxon to Fist of the North Star
Fist with index finger and thumb extended to Fugazi
Fugly to Gilles Duceppe
Gillete to Grumpy Television
Grunge to Hello Kitty School of Fur and Fluff
Hello World to How many lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb?
How much can YOU take!! to Imaginary friend
Imaginary friends to Jack O'Neill
Jack Off to John Stewart
John Stuart Mill to Kitten hoffing
Kitten huff to Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo Di Caprio to Lumines
Lumps to Marty Friedman/Marty diff 1 8
Marty Friedman/Marty diff 2 3 to Middle school
Middlesbrough to Mr. Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang
Mr. Miyagi to Never Far Away
Never Gonna Give You Up to Nyan cat
Nyarlathotep to P. T. Cruiser
P0rn to Peter
Peter Atkins to Pony
Ponyism to Pronunciations
Proof to Rational number
Rational numbers to Robert Laird Borden
Robert Langdon to Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson. to Sexual frustration
Sexual harassment to Snoop dog
Snoopy to Squirrle
Squishy squid to Supergirl's New Costume
Supergirl/classic to Testes
Testical expansion to The Illuminati
The Illuminati. to The author
The badger to ToddiPhone Viral Marketing Campaign/8
ToddiPhone Viral Marketing Campaign/9 to UAZ
UB:VAM to Uncyclopdeia
Uncyclope-Tan to Version 1.0
Vertebrate palaeontologist to Werewolf
Werewolves to Witch-Hunting For Fun and Profit
Witch hats to Young liberal party of australia
Young people to ´╝║
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