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! to 1622
1623 to AFI
AFI (American Film Institute) to All-Arabian Rejects
All About My Glam Rock Education: Almodovar's Last Movie to Application
Applications to Ayrton Senna
Aysa to Beaver & Cucumber
Beavers to Blue Maven
Blue Meanie to Bugs
Bugs Bunny to Carus
Cary Grant to Christopher Columbus
Christopher Eccleston to Conservative Right
Conservative media to D&D
D&D 4th edition to Depression
Deprogramming to Drag Queens
Drag queen to Elohim
Elope to FF XII
FF XIII to Flatulent
Flava Flav to G-spot
G-unit to Global Boring
Global Cooling to Gummy Bears
Gummy bear to Herodotus
Heroe to Howto:be an idiot
Howto:fight the man to Inconvenience
Inconvenient to Jammie Dodgers
Jamshid Bauerdinedshad to Juggling
Jughead to Kosmo K. Kramer
Kosova to Life, the Universe, and Everything
Life, the universe and everything to Macau
Macaulay Culkin to Matthew Bellamy
Matthew Corbett to Minority
Minster to My Chemical Romance (Band)
My Dad to Night Terror
Night of Broken Glass to Oil
Oil tanker to Paramedics
Paramount to Piggy Bank
Pigland to Portal:Science/ScientificDidYouKnows
Portal:Science/ScientificQuotes to Python (programming language)
Pz Myers to Regis Philbin
Regular to Roto-Rooter
Rotten Tomatoes to Scissors
Sco group to Siberian Husky
Siberian hamster to Soup
Soup kitchen to Sticky keys
Stig to Tae Kwon Do
Tae Pwn Do to The Cake is a lie
The Camera Obscura Collection of Hans Helmuth Saltzman (1602-1668) to The Princess is in Another Castle
The Prisoner to This Is Sparta
This One 'Weird' Trick Will Improve Your 135Cs(n, gamma) Cross Sect... to Tree huggers
Tree hugging hippie to US Airlines Flight 10
US Airlines Flight 2 to Unspecial Pages
Unspoiled Virgin to Walk like an Egyptian
Walk the Line to Wiki/wiki
WikiClone to Xena the Warrior Princess
Xenimus to
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