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" to 1616
1617 to APEC
APL to Allah's True Prophet Muhammad
Allah's law to April 18
April 19 to Ayurvedic
Az to Beautiful Katamari
Beauty to Blowjobs
Bloxwich to Buffalo, New York
Buffalo Bill to Carpet bombing
Carrick-on-Shannon to Christian Symbology in Pokémon
Christian goths to Conjoined twin
Conjoined twins to Cyclist
Cyclists to Denial of Service attack
Denial of service attack to Dr. N. Toleránt's Informative Letter: An Informative Letter
Dr. Nefarious to Elementary particle
Elementary school to Extremely loud and incredibly close
Exxon to Fist bump
Fist of the North Star to Fudge
Fudge Packing to Gilbert and Sullivan Islands
Gilbert and sullivan to Growl
Growling to Hell Desk
Hell desk to How To Earn Cold Hard Cash $$$ Writing From Home!
How To Kill And Not Get Caught to Images
Imaginabox 360 to Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson (musician) to John Sparrow David Thompson
John Stagliano to Kitten Huffing ON WHEELS!
Kitten Recycling Center to Leonardo Da vinci
Leonardo DiCaprio to Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) to Marty Friedman/Marty diff 4 8
Marty Friedman/Marty diff 5 6 to Midget Cockpunching Terrorists
Midget Power to Mr. Peanut
Mr. Poppers Penguins to Neverwinter Nights
Neville Chamberlain to O'Possums
O' Donnell Trump Conflict to PENIS
PETA to Peter Parker
Peter Paul Rubens to Pool
Pool Boy to Prophets
Propoganda to Ray Stubbs
Ray gun to Robespierre
Robin to San Francisco, California
San Fransisco to Sexy time
Sexy women to Snowboarding
Snowman to St. Nicholas
St. Oscar Wilde to Supreme Court
Supreme Court cases to Texas a&m university
Text to The Jew Crew
The Jewish Problem to The dandy warhols
The debilitating skin disease I got from battling the undead to Toledo
Toledo, Ohio to UN:06
UN:07 to Uncyclopedia Health Service/Store
Uncyclopedia Is Gay to Vice Presidents of the US
Vice president to Western civilization
Westerners to Wolverines
Wolves to Your life
Your mind on drugs to
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