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! to 1605
1606 to ALL CAPS
ALP to All Arabian Rejects
All Quiet on the Western Front to Apple Computers
Apple Inc. to Awkward Turtles
Awkward conversation to Bear wrestler
Beararchy to Block log
Blockbuster to Brussels
Brutality to Cardiff
Cardinal Connection to Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Mousse to Computer programmer
Computer programming to Cup Size
Cup Stacking to Defecation
Defence to Dora the Explorer
Dora the explorer to Effect of alcohol
Effects of Alcohol to Examples of Bias in Conservapedia
Examples of Bias on Conservapedia to Finding your inner sock puppet
Finding your inner sockpuppet to Fridge Monsters
Fried to Gerard Finneran
Gerard Way to Great People's Social Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Great Permissive Dude in the Sky Who Lets Us Do Whatever We Want to Hatstand
Hattrick to Horatio Alger Nelson
Horatio Hornblower to I pod
I pooped to Isengard
Ishmali Camuwundra to Jimmy Somerville
Jimmy Stewart to Kid
Kid's show to Lazer Shark
Laziness to Lonley
Lonliness to Maple syrup
Maps to Metric Fuckton
Metric System to Mormon Tourette's Syndrome
Mormon Trail to Natural disasters
Natural selection to Not Wikia
Not a jew to Orgasm (island)
Orgasms to Pelicanocerous
Pelosi to Plotonium
Plum Island to President of the Royal Society
President of the United States to Racecar Bed Racing
Rachel Maddow to Rice
Rice Krispies to Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Tubridy to See Soulja
See also to Size
Size Matters to Spartacus
Spartacus:Gore and Nudity to Stu Pickles
Stuart Maconie to Tax
Tax, Regulate, and Control Cannabis Act to The Duke of Wellington
The Dukes of Hazard to The Solomon Key
The Song Remains the Same to Threesome
Threps to Troop
Troops to Ugly retarded monkey that eats its own shit
Ugly stick to Uri Geller
Urinal to Wandering faggot-bird
Wang to Wikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia fundraising to Xianggang
Xiaolin Showdown to
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