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! to 1624
1625 to AFI (American Film Institute)
AFI (band) to All Quite On The Western Front
All That to Apricot Avenger
April to Azerbaijan
Azeroth to Beavis and Butthead
Beavis and butthead to Blue Page
Blue Peter to Bulgarian music
Bulgarians to Casinos
Cass Corridor to Christosaurus rex
Christy Clark to Conspiracy theory
Constable to DEFCON
DEL to Descentiousness
Desecration to Dragonball Z
Dragonlance to Emails
Emancipation Proclamation to FORTRAN
FOX to Flintoff
Flintstones to GEICO
GEORGE BUSH to Globalization
Globe to Guru Maharaj Ji
Guru Nanak Dev to Hey Hey It's Saturday
Hey Jude to Huffing Kittens
Huffing kittens to Indianapolis Colts
Indians to January 16
January 17 to July 1
July 10 to Kristallnacht
Kristen Stewart to Lighten up
Lightning to Mad Ninja Skillz
Mad Professor to Maxsechts
Maxwell's demon to Missing Persons Bureau
Missing White Girl Syndrome to My girlfriend
My hate for uncyclopedia to Ninja Turtles
Ninja conspiracy to Old people
Old people's home to Parsley
Parthasarthy Fevaraju to Pink
Pink Floyd to Portal:Theatre/Topics
Portal:Theatre/box-footer to Quantum
Quantum Economics to Ren and Stimpy
Renaissance to Rubber duck
Rubber duckie to Scrappy-Doo
Scrappy Doo to Silly
Silly Putty to Soviet Socialist Confederate States of America
Soviet Space Program to Stop sign
Stopfordulator to Tangent
Tango and Cash to The Cult
The Cure to The Sand Hermit
The Satanic Verses of Bhagavad-gita to Those African clicky noises
Those plastic things at the end of your shoelace to Trolley Problem
Trolling to Uh oh
Uh oh! to Use a coaster
Use a toothpick to War on Terra
War on Terror to Wikiterrorism
Wikithug to Yaoi Fangirls
Yaoi fangirl to
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