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! to 1625
1626 to AFI (band)
AFK to All That
All The Lonely People: An Interview With Bob Dylan to April 1
April 10 to Azerbaijan
Azeroth to Beavis and Butthead
Beavis and butthead to Blue Peter
Blue Screen to Bulgarians
Bulgaristan to Cass Corridor
Casserole to Christy Hemme
Christy Turlington to Constantine I
Constantine II to DESU
DHL to Desert Eagle
Desert Fox to Dragoon
Dragoons to Emergency
Emerson, Lake & Palmer to FQ
Flipping burgers to GG Allin
GIANT NOVELTY FOAM HANDS!!! to Glorious Revolution
Glory hole to Gustav Kirchoff
Gustav Mahler to Hi
Hi-5 to Hugh Jackman
Hugh Laurie to Indigo
Indiscriminate Defecation to January 20, 1981
January 21 to July 16
July 17 to Ksylophone
Ku Klux Clan to Like
Like Like to Mad Tv
Mad Will to May 11
May 12 to Mississippi Fred McDowell
Mississippi Hugh Laurie to My momma
My mommy to Ninjas
Ninjas versus Pirates to Olive Oyl
Olive oil to Party Hard
Party game to Pinkie Pie
Pinko to Portishead (band)
Portland to Quantum paradox
Quantum physics to Rennes
Rennie Davis to Rube goldberg machine
Ruben Caballero to Screenplay
Screenwriter to Silvio Berlusconi
SimShitty to Soviets
Soy to Storm trooper
Storm troopers to Tanks
Tankwars to The Daily Telegraph
The Daily Wail to The Secret
The Secret Wars to Thousand-yard stare
Thousand yard stare to Tropical cyclone
Tropico to Ultima
Ultima-Device to User box
User creation log to Warcrap
Wardrobe to Wild Gunman
Wild Jew to Yaweh
Ycis to
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