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! to 1618
1619 to ACME
ACORN to Alien overlords
Alien v. Predator to Apostraphe
Apostrophe to Awkward Moments
Awkward Turtles to Bearded clam
Bearded dragon to Blonde Jokes
Blonde jokes to Bucephalus
Bucharest to Carlos Medellin
Carlos Mencia to Chris Evans (presenter)
Chris Hansen to Confession
Confession (Catholicism) to Cutters
Cw to Demo tape
Democommunist Party to Doyle Brunson
Doziism to Electric Boogaloo
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test to Extreme Beach Chess
Extreme Catholicism to Fisher Price (company)
Fisher Price DOS to Fucking kill™
Fucking magic to Gigolo
Gihad to Groupie
Groupies to Hell (place)
Hell Desk to How To Earn Cold Hard Cash $$$ Writing From Home!
How To Kill And Not Get Caught to Imaginary Admin Guidelines
Imaginary Number to Jack Kerouac
Jack Layton to John Tesh
John Titor to Kitten plant
Kitten recycling center to Leprechaun
Leprechauns to Luxemborg
Luxembourg to Mary
Mary, Did You Know? to Mike Gundy
Mike Harris to Mr White, Mr Brown and Nice Guy Eddie
Mr Winkler to New Order
New Orleans to OWNED
O (element) to PTHC
PT Kereta Api Indonesia to Phase II
Phase Two to Pope Benedict xvi
Pope Clement VI to Pruitt-Igoe
PruneScape to Really Big Tree
Really Don't Give a Shit to Rock and Roll (food)
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Sarah
Sarah Connor to SharkJesus
Shark Attack 3 to Society for Crappy Accents
Society for the Intervention and Rehabilitation of Supervillains to Stanford University
Stanistan to Swanana
Swansea to That other guy
That other section to The Life of MC Hammer
The Life of Mammals to The life of mammals
The loneliest job in the world to Too good to be true
Tool (Band) to UN:FBOTM
UN:FFS to Undebate
Undefined to Viola
Violence to Wheeling Jesuit University/Buildings/Donahue
Wheeling Jesuit University/Buildings/Fed Acker Huang Observatory to World Of Warcraft
World Peace to Zeppelins
Zeppo Marx to
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