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! to 1619
1620 to AC DC
AC Milan to Alien versus Predator
Alien vs. Predator to Apothecary
Apotheosis of Count Dracula to Awkward moment
Awkward moments to Bears and the law
Beast to Blood
BloodRayne to Buckingham Palace
Bucknell University to Carman Sandiego
Carmen to Chris Tucker
Chris Wolstenholme to Confucious
Confucius to Cybering
Cybermen to Democratic party of the internet
Democrats to Dr. Julius No
Dr. Kellogg to Electronic nose
Electronics to Eyars
Eyasr to Fitchburg, massachusetts
Fitna to Fulham F.C.
FullMetal Alchemist to Gilligan's Island (nuclear disaster)
Gilmore Girls to Guantanamo Bay
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Help Key
Help desk to How to: sell ice to eskimos
How to: take a dump to Immortal
Immortality to Jackalope
Jackass to Joint
Joints to Klausj├╝rgen Wussow
Klay World to Let your cat be your shrink
Letchworth Garden City to Lysergic acid diethylamide
Lysol to Masculinity
Masculism to Miley Davis
Miley Ray Cyrus to Muffin Man
Muffin The Mule to New Yorker
New Z-land to Obscurantism
Obscure Pop Cultural References to Pagan
Paganism to Philippine Tourism
Philippine cuisine to Pornstar
Porpoise to Pterodactyl
Pterodactyls to Recursion
Recursive to Roemenie
Roentgenium to Saturn is a Bitch
Saturn is a Lying Bitch to Shia
Shia Islam to Solar system
Solaris to Stargate episodes and movies
Starlogo TNG to Sword of truth
Swordfish to The A Team
The Abridged Reader's Digest Abridged Classics to The Midnight Sun
The Midwest to The rest of the world
The root of all evil to Tortuga
Torture to UN:NUB
UN:Not Actually All That Short to Unidentified Man
Unidentified flying object to Viz
Viz (comic) to Where are my keys?
Where babies come from to Worst 100 Harry Potter Spin-offs of All Time
Worst 100 Harry Potter spin-off novel series to Zork
Zork2 to ´╝║
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