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" to 1617
1618 to APL
APL (programming language) to All your base
All your base are belong to us to April 18
April 19 to Azerbaidjan
Azerbaijan to Beavers
Beavis to Blue (boy band)
Blue Ball Factory to Bugs
Bugs Bunny to Cartoon City
Cartoon Network to Christmas Carol
Christmas Day to Conquer
Conquer Online to Cymbal Bullying
Cymraeg to Dennis Rodman
Dennis Taylor to Dr. Spock
Dr. Spork to Eleven Commandments
Eleventeen to Eyebeam
Eyebeams to Five day banana
Five lights to Fun
Fun Page to Ginger
Ginger Ale to Guatemala City: South American Hellhole
Guatemalan to Hemel hempstead
Hemingway to How to: create a paradox that will problably end the universe as we...
How to: sell ice to eskimos to Immoral
Immorality to Jackalope
Jackass to Johnny Cochran
Johnny English to Kitty hawk
Kitty porn to Les Stroud
Les paul to Lutheran
Lutheranism to Marvel
Marvel Comics to Migrants
Miguel to Mr. Wizard
MrCleveland to New Hampshire
New Hampshire Merchant Cat to OMG
PINGAS to Petersburg
Petersfield to Pooping
Poops to Protector of the British Isles
Protein to Razorlight
Razr to Robosexual
Robosexuality to Sandro Botticelli
Sandwell Town to Shah Abbas the Great
Shake, Rattle and Roll to So cash
So what? to St. Valentine's Day massacre
St. patricks day to Surfer donkey
Surfers to Tgi fridays
Tha Khaled III to The Jimmerman Telegram
The Joint Chiefs of Staff to The deep down crazies
The defense rests, your honor to Tom
Tom's Pancake House to UN:2008
UN:2009 to Uncyclopedia Legal Department/Eskimos
Uncyclopedia Legal Department/ImaginaryPersonsRights to Victims
Victor to Western civilisation
Western civilization to Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Your estimate of how long to reheat the lasagne
Your ex-girlfriend to
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