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" to 1980's
1980s to Alcoholics
Alcoholics Anonymous to Arrow
Arrows to Baseball rules
Basement to Boat People
Boats to Calculus
Calendar to Choirboys
Choirs to Cosmos
Cosplay to Debian
Deborah Harry to Droid
Droids to Etiquette
Eton to Five
Five-Day War to Gary numan
Gas to Greatest men ever to live
Greatful Dead to Highworth
Hikaru Sulu to I Have AIDS, You Have AIDS Day
I Have A Problem to Jam band
Jam session to Karen Carpenter
Kareoke to Leicester
Leif to Madonna, disguised as the Pope
Madrid to Mexican Jesus
Mexican Man Eating Eagle to Museum of Carpets
Museums to Norman
Norman Invasion of England (video game) to PLO
PLS to Pippin the musical
Piracy to Pro Life
Probability to Redirecting pages
Redirection to SCO
SCO Group to She doesn't exist
She said to Space Pope
Space Race to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Supercat to The Boondock Saints
The Boony Doll to The United States Navy
The United States Of Canada to Torrent
Tortilla to Ultra God
Ultra Jesus to Video Game Controversy
Video Game Criticism to Wickerman
Wicklow to You have two cows/11
You have two cows/12 to
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