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! to 1617
1618 to ACME
ACORN to Alien abduction insurance
Alien overlords to Apollo Project
Apology to Awkward Conversation
Awkward Moments to Bearded dragons
Beardism to Blondes
Blondi to Buckaroo Banzai
Bucket to Carlos ruiz
Carlton to Chris Martin
Chris Morris (satirist) to Confederate States Air Force
Confederate States of America to Cutters
Cw to Democracy is not permanent
Democrat to Dr.Maybe
Dr. Beverly Crusher to Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Electric Light Orchestra to Extreme Chess
Extreme Ironing to Fisher price
Fisherman to Fucking magical
Fucking retard to Gila monster
Gilad Pellaeon to Groundskeeper Willie
Groupie to Hell's Kitchen
Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan to How To ...Get Paid!
How To ...Learn Stuff to Images
Imaginabox 360 to Jack Layton
Jack McConnell to John Stuart Mill
John Tesh to Kitten huffer
Kitten huffers to Leprachaun
Leprachauns to Luton Airport
Luxemborg to Mary
Mary, Did You Know? to Mike Harris
Mike Hawk to Mr Winkler
Mr bean to New Saskatchewan
New Scotland to Obama-care
Obama and card stacking to PWotM
PZ Myers to Phenomenology
Phenomenon to Pope John Paul III
Pope Linus to Prussians
Ps4 to Really big text
Really big tree to Rock band (video game)
Rock bands to Sarai
Sarawak to Sharon Stone
Sharp to Sociology
Sociopath to Staple gun
Stapler to Swear words
Swearing to That time I accidentally nuked Hiroshima during my sojourn to Japan
That time I accidentally took a sojourn in North Dakota during my s... to The Lion King
The Little Bastards to The man who filled his guinea pig with Helium
The maury show to Toot Braunstein
UN:FORMAT to Underground turtle racing
Underpants to Virgil
Virgin to Wheeling Jesuit University/Buildings/Metaphysical Plant
Wheeling Jesuit University/Buildings/Swint Hall to World Trade Centre
World Trade Organisation to Zillion
Zim to
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