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! to 1618
1619 to AC DC
AC Milan to Alien v. Predator
Alien versus Predator to Apostrophe
Apostrophes to Awkward Moments
Awkward Turtles to Bearded dragons
Beardism to Blondi
Blondie to Buckaroo Banzai
Bucket to Carlos Slim
Carlos ruiz to Chris Martin
Chris Morris (satirist) to Confidence
Conflict to Cyber Sodomy
Cyber Terrorism to Democratic Oligarchy
Democratic Party to Dr. Dre
Dr. Emmett Brown to Electricity
Electricty to Extreme Torch Relay
Extreme Torch Reray to Fishweasel
Fission to Fuckwit
Fuckwit - English translator to Gilbert and Sullivan Islands
Gilbert and sullivan to Grue
Grue's Butt is Gonna find Clues! to Hellmoo
Hello to How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
How stupid are you? to Imaginary numbers
Imaginary power to Jack Reacher
Jack Russell to John Williams
John Winston Howard to Kitty-giraffe
Kitty-girraffe to Les Paul
Les Stroud to Lybia
Lycanthropy to Mary Celeste
Mary I to Mike Meyers
Mike Myers to Mrs. Dalloway
Mrs. Edwin Standish of Shaker Heights Ohio to New Plymouth
New Saskatchewan to Oasis
Oatmeal to PWn463
PWotM to Phet
Phil to Popping and Locking
Poppy to Pssst
Psuedo-German to Reasons to become a Christian
Reasons to become an Atheist to Rock of Gibraltar
Rock paper scissors to Saruman The White
Sascrotch to Shawn johnson
Shawty Hoe to Sock puppets
Sockpuppet to Star Kingdoms
Star Spangled Banner to Sweaty
Sweaty Nipples to That time I was nearly raped by Ham after my sojourn through the de...
That time I was nearly raped by a gay English teacher trying to sel... to The Lost Boys
The Lost Room to The most famous work of erotic art
The mountain goats to Top 100 Not In The Least Bit Sexual Things To Do With No Pants On
Top 100 Things Rick Astley is Never Gonna Do to UN:GAY
UN:GOD to Underwater tennis
Underwear to Virgina Polytechnic Institute
Virgina Tech Shooting to Wheeling Jesuit University/Campus
Wheeling Jesuit University/Campus/Bear Colony to World War C
World War Collectors Boxset to Zim
Zimbabwe to
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