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! to 1622
1623 to AFI
AFI (American Film Institute) to All Quiet on the Western Front
All Quite On The Western Front to Approaches To Help You Manage Your Financial Situation
Apricot Avenger to Ayurvedic
Az to Beavis
Beavis & Butthead to Blue Page
Blue Peter to Buick
Bukkake to Casbah
Cascada to Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Marlowe to Conservative Party (UK)
Conservative Right to D
D&D to Der Frontseite Westliche Choralgruppe
Der Unwehr to Drag queen
Drag queens to Elphant
Elric of Melnibone to FLQ
FMD to Flight Simulator
Flin Flon to GA Tech
GCSE to Global economy
Global peak mummy to Guns 'n Roses
Guns N' Roses to Hershey
Hershey's to Httpism
Hubble Space Telescope to India
Indian to Janeane Garofalo
Janet Jackson to Julian
Julian Assange to Kralnor
Kramer to Life of mammals
Life on Earth to Macguyver
Macgyver to Matzah
Matzo to Miracle Science
Miracle tonic to My Journeys with the GPS
My Kitchen Rules to Nihilists
Nihlism to Okra
Okra the killer whale to Paraprosdokian
Parasite to Pikmin
Pilates to Portal:Society/Selected news
Portal:Society/Selected picture to QSL Burro
QSL card to Reinhard Heydrich (original)
Reiser to Route 666
Router to Scorpions
Scot to Side effect
Side effects to South American dreadnought race
South Auckland to Stinkoman
Stirling to Tailgaters
Tailgating to The Chaser
The Chaser's War on Everything to The Quantity 2 plus 4 times y equals Your Mom
The Quartering Act to This big
This guy to Treri Dixxon
TriPod to US Navy
US President to Unversity
Unwatch to Wallaby
Wallachia to Wiki Rage
Wiki Trolls to Xilophone
Xkcd to
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