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" to 1980's
1980s to Alcoholics Oblivious
Alcoholism to Arse
ArsebOOk to Bashar al-Assad
Bashar al-Asshat to Bob Eubanks
Bob Evans to California Proposition 19 (2010)
California State University to Chopper Read
Chopper Reid to Costitution
Costume to Decapitated
Decapitation to Drop bears
Dropbear to Etowah County, Alabama
Etw to Five day banana
Five lights to Gasoline
Gassy Jack to Greedy
Greedy Stalinist Cunt to Hilbert's Hotel
Hill to I Love Lucy
I Love pudding to James A. Garfield
James Abbott McNeill Whistler to Karl Pilkington
Karl Popper to Leigh genesis
Leith to Mae West
Mae Zedong to Mexican Pie
Mexican War for Independence (video game) to Museum of Carpets
Museums to Norman Invasion of England (video game)
Norman Wisdom to PLCY
PLO to Piracy
Piranha to Pro-life
ProTV to Redirect to User:Turtleboy0
Redirected from to SCHP
SCO to She said
Shedinja to Space Mountain
Space Needle to Super villains
Superannuation to The Book of Genesis (video game)
The Book of Mormon to The United Glorious Supreme Socialist Soviet Republic of Wales
The United Kingdom to Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto maple leafs to Ultra Christ
Ultra God to Video Game Controversy
Video Game Criticism to Wich
Wicked to You have aids
You have angered Sophia to
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