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" to 1606
1607 to ALP
AMD to All Quiet on the Western Front
All Quite On The Western Front to Apple Inc.
Apple Jacks to Awkward
Awkward Conversation to Bear Jew
Bear patrol to Bloc Party
Block to Brunettes
Bruno Mars to Cardboard fort
Cardiff to Chocolate City
Chocolate Milk to Computer nerds
Computer programmer to Cup Stacking
Cup size to Defecation
Defence to Dora the explorer
Doraemon to Efficiency
Efficient to Example of a typical myspace
Examples of Bias in Conservapedia to Finding Your Inner Sock Puppet
Finding your inner sock puppet to Fridge
Fridge Monsters to Gerard Butler
Gerard Finneran to Great Pacific Bridge
Great Patriotic War to Hatred
Hats to Hooverville
Hopscotch to I maed a yucky doody
I maed a yuky doody to Isaac newton
Isambard Kingdom Brunel to Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Page to Khrushchev
Kia to Lawyer
Lawyers to Long John Silver's
Long article to Manure
Many people to Metaprogramming
Metempsychosis to Mordor Jalape├▒os
More cowbell to National debt
National hockey League to Norweigan
Norweigan chicks to Oregon State
Oregon State University to Pee Reviewer of the Month
Pee Wee to Playstation 2
Playstation 3 to Premature ejaculation
Premeditated sex to RUSSIA
RYA to Revolver Ocelot
Rex Grossman to Russian language
Russian quadruple reversal to Secret Thrice Society
Secret World Government to Sisters of Mercy
Sisters of mercy to Spanish Civil War (video game)
Spanish Inquisition to String theory
Strip to Tasmanian Moochling crab
Tasmanian Tiger to The Devil
The Devil Went Down To Georgia to The Sexy Lives of Mammals
The Shark on the River Kwai to Thor Smith
Thorpe Park to Tripod
Tripods to Uberlingen accident
Ubermensch to Uppercut
Upset to Wallachia
Wallet Moth to WikiPedophiles
WikiProject Everything to Xandros
Xavier to ´╝║
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