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" to 1615
1616 to AOLer
AOTM to Allah!
Allah's True Prophet Muhammad to April 19
April 2 to Az
Azathoth to Beavers
Beavis to Blue's Clues
Blue-ringed octopus to Buffalo wings
Buffy to Carrot Theory
Carrot Top to Christian science
Christian scientist to Connecticut
Connectthedots to Cyclone
Cyclone Bianca to Demons
Deng Xiaoping to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Electronics
Electrons to Extreme programming
Extreme sarcasm to Fist
Fist Pound to Fuckwit
Fuckwit - English translator to Gilbert and Sullivan
Gilbert and Sullivan Islands to Groupies
Groupthink to Hell's MasterChef
HellSinKinky to How To in Riviera Beach
How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid to Image
Image Request to Jack Frost
Jack Johnson to John Seigenthaler Sr. (Soviet)
John Seigenthaler Sr. (Soviet spy) to Kitten Golfing
Kitten Huffeing to Leon Trotsky
Leona Lewis to Lully
Lulu to Marty Friedman
Marty Friedman/Marty diff 0 1 to Middle class
Middle classes to Mr. Hankie the Christmas Poo
Mr. Hubba Bubba SirGroins to Nev the Blue Bear
Nevada to Nutshell
Nvidia to P0rsis
P2P to Peter Chimaera
Peter Cook to Ponzi Scheme
Ponzi scheme to Proof that the angles of a triangle sum to 360 degrees
Proofread to Rats
Ratsak to Robert McNamara
Robert Mugabe to Samuel L. Jackson.
Samuel L. Johnson to Sexual innuendo
Sexual intercourse to Snooty
Snopes to Sri Lanka
Srz to Superhero Relocation Program
Superheroes to Testicles (Greek philosopher)
Testiclēs to The Importance of Causing Unrest
The Incredible Adventures of MS PAINTMAN! to The best week ever
The bible to Toff
Toffs to UC Guadalajara
UFO to Uncyclopedia's Article on Itself
Uncyclopedia's Manuel of Style to Veteran
Vexations to West Germany
West Ham to Wizard
Wizard mode to Your Mom!
Your Mom Jokes to
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