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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
#newlychanged# (talk)Newly changed articles
#popular# (talk)Most popular articles
#topusers# (talk)Top users
#visited# (talk)Most visited articles
#voted# (talk)Top voted articles
1movedto2 (talk)moved [[$1]] to [[$2]]
moved [[$1]] to [[$2]]
1movedto2_redir (talk)moved [[$1]] to [[$2]] over redirect
moved [[$1]] to [[$2]] over redirect
? (talk)?
a (talk)Answer:
about (talk)About
aboutpage (talk)Project:About
aboutsite (talk)About {{SITENAME}}
abtesting (talk)A/B Testing
abtesting-add-experiment-title (talk)Add Experiment
abtesting-add-treatment-group (talk)Add Treatment Group
abtesting-checkbox-show-past-experiments (talk)Show past experiments
abtesting-create-experiment (talk)Create New Experiment
abtesting-currently-used-ga-slots (talk)List of currently used GA slots: $1
abtesting-currently-used-ga-slots-tooltip (talk)This list will be updated ONLY when page is refreshed.
abtesting-desc (talk)The A/B Testing extension is used by Wikia to test what effects different features or settings have on actual users.
abtesting-edit-button (talk)Edit
abtesting-edit-experiment-title (talk)Edit Experiment
abtesting-flag-set-short (talk)YES
abtesting-future-used-ga-slots (talk)List of used GA slots in the future: $1
abtesting-future-used-ga-slots-tooltip (talk)This list will be updated ONLY when page is refreshed.
abtesting-heading-control-group (talk)Control Group
abtesting-heading-description (talk)Description
abtesting-heading-end-time (talk)End Time (UTC)
abtesting-heading-flag-dw_tracking (talk)DW
abtesting-heading-flag-forced_ga_tracking_on_load (talk)GA onload
abtesting-heading-flag-ga_tracking (talk)GA
abtesting-heading-flag-limit_to_special_wikis (talk)SpecialWikis
abtesting-heading-ga-slot (talk)GA Slot
abtesting-heading-group (talk)Group
abtesting-heading-id (talk)ID
abtesting-heading-long-flag-dw_tracking (talk)DW tracking
abtesting-heading-long-flag-forced_ga_tracking_on_load (talk)Force GA track on window.onload
abtesting-heading-long-flag-ga_tracking (talk)GA tracking
abtesting-heading-long-flag-limit_to_special_wikis (talk)Limit to SpecialWikis
abtesting-heading-name (talk)Name
abtesting-heading-ranges (talk)Ranges (0-99)
abtesting-heading-start-time (talk)Start Time (UTC)
abtesting-heading-treatment-groups (talk)Treatment Groups
abtesting-ranges-info (talk)(0-99)
abtesting-save-button (talk)Save
abusefilter (talk)Abuse filter configuration
abusefilter-accountreserved (talk)This account name is reserved for use by the abuse filter.
abusefilter-action-block (talk)Block
abusefilter-action-blockautopromote (talk)Block autopromote
abusefilter-action-degroup (talk)Remove from groups
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