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Do you see any sign that says PROPERTY OF GOVERNMENT? Do you see herds of LAWYERS running in the landscape? Do you see where it says TAXATION anywhere?

I am a free man. I understand that milquetoast liberals might get offended by anyone expressing their freedom, but this language is absolutely necessary to establish my status as a sovereign citizen, beholden to no laws or government whatsoever. You might say, "You're above the law? What are you, some kind of Jew?" I'm here to tell you (and by my willful volition establish joinder with you) that no one is under any law. You see, there is no government, only a giant maritime corporation with contracts called "laws" that the goddamn Feds have led you to believe control you. But they don't. The only real law that controls you is the natural laws of the universe and the Common law of the ancient English. All you have to do to reclaim your natural-born status as a freeman on the land is to say a few keywords to the police and the courts; they'll have no choice but to relinquish their kike-like grasp over you and cede to your superior logic and legal skills.

edit What the Government DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW

edit YOU are not real



You see, you are not YOU. When you are born, inside your sexy little infant body are the rights inherent to all men and some women. But as soon as the doctor starts typing out your birth certificate or however they do it, the Government registers you as collateral for their corporation under a capitalized version of your true name, establishing a legal persona separate from your living breathing flesh. You might be John of the family Yellow, but the government has you registered in their NASA databases as JOHN YELLOW, a lifeless soulless legal fiction, a strawman, invented by statists to fuck you in your sweet ass as they please. Anytime the government wants to impose their immoral power over you, like when they try to take my rightfully-earned income or charge me extra for some beanie babies at a 7/11, or when they tell me I can't park my trailer in front of my property since it's "blocking the cyclists from using the bike lane", they are actually using your legal persona under contract. When the police thugs stop you for not having driver's license or insurance, they are violating your right to travel under Common law, even though they've only stopped JOHN YELLOW who is under a MARITIME CONTRACT to have their license and insurance, and not John, a man with rights, a man with dignity Goddamit.

Thankfully I'm here right now to show you how you can liberate yourselves from parking tickets and citations and subpoenas and more. Just say,

I am not a person, a person is a shortened form of 'legal persona', and I do not wish to create joinder with you. Am I being detained? Am I being detained? I do not have a first and last name, and no, don't call me mister either as 'Mr.' is a another legal fiction designed to force me into your navy boy loving contract. I am not a Citizen of the United States, as I was not born in the District of Columbia or any of its federal holdings, and you have no jurisdiction over me. I am a free man, a sovereign citizen, and not an employee of the corporate maritime entity known as the United States of America.
— John, of the family Yellow

I have used keywords like these to get out of parking tickets and absolve me of over $100,000 dollars in gambling debts. Of course, I still had to go to court.




America is a corporation. It was formally registered as a corporation in 1963, after the Jews killed Kennedy and switched America from the gold standard to useless fiat currency. America used to be a country, founded by the greatest men the world had ever seen (except Alexander Hamilton, he is a fraud and a hack and I burn every $10 bill I see). They even created the Constitution, the greatest document in the history of mankind. I personally follow many of the Constitution's articles and amendments. Of course Common law still takes precedence, on account of it being unwritten and in the air. If you filtered the air of all its Oxygen and Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide you'd see little particles of Common Law floating in the sky.

And since America is a corporation, like other corporations, it uses intentionally confusing legalese language to give you the illusion that it is a government with laws that the citizens must follow and not simply a Maritime Corporation with contracts that all freemen can choose not to abide by. Why do you think it's called citizenship, ownership or statesmanship? Because our fraud government runs based on admiralty maritime law, which deals with the shipment and movement of goods and commerce for corporate entities, not human beings with living spirits and souls. We are not goods, Mr. Hussein Obama, we are not lines on a NASA database and we are not your property. We are free men, sovereign citizens who are in themselves their own nations bequeathed by God himself with natural rights. But the government still tries to trick you into accepting their contract of joinder in their ship ("court") with their seamen ("prosecution, lawyers, judges, the press, etc.").

edit Transcript of POLICE BRUTALITY

I have unfortunately but proudly suffered for my beliefs in the sovereignty and freedom of men in America. I have been harassed so many times by police officers (employees of America, Inc. who use their fraudulent powers to line their pockets with municipal violation fees), that their brutality and scare tactics don't scare me anymore. Beliefs don't mean anything if they're not challenged in the real world, and I'm proud to say that I wear the mental battle scars of fighting the system and even winning. This is a transcript of the most recent conflict I've had with a police thug that happened about two weeks ago, on a dreary Saturday morning while I was driving to my state's annual Open Carry 2nd Amendment and Gun Show convention.

Transcript of Citation Incident (July 08, 2017)

Me: Uh, Good morning officer, and, and for the record, do note that I am currently recording this, uh, interaction. And--

Police Officer: Okay, need your driver's license and registration and proof of insurance please. Did you know that your taillight is busted?

Me: No, I did not, and... and you may not be aware but you are violating my constitutional and Common Law right to travel, separate from the act of driving, which deals only with commercial vehicles and commercial entities. As I am not operating a commercial vehicle, I am not a driver, but a, uh, traveler, a free inhabitant, furthermore--

Police Officer: Your taillight is broken, and I need to see your license, registration and proof of insurance please.

Me: With all due respect I am not obligated to produce those materials, as I am exercising my fourth amendment rights against unwarranted searches and seizures, and am I being detained? Am I free to go?

Police Officer: You are not currently free to leave, I need to see your license and--

Me: Like I said I am not obligated to give you anything, I have a right under the fourth amendment, this is an unconstitutional search and seizure, and my rights as a citizen of the world will not be violated.

Police Officer: If you don't I'll have to ask you to, uh, step outside the vehicle.

Me: I'll give you my papers, please don't tase me, I'm gonna get them very slowly, they're in the glovebox, don't shoot me, I know you, uh, pigs love shooting innocent, uh, and let the record show that my rights have been violated. Police brutality! You're a glorified debt collector, a cog of the machine that--

Police Officer: I still need to see the proof of insurance.

Me: Oh, here you go.

Some time passes before the police officer continues his tyrannical tirade. I see him write me a ticket, and at this moment I fear for my life. Right now the police officer (a paid representative of the justice corporation) could escalate the situation. He is within his fraudulent maritime "rights" to shoot me anytime he wants, and his police cronies will cover it up, sprinkle some cocaine on my lifeless corpse and dump me at a crackhouse. He hands me the ticket.

Police Officer: Gonna have [mumble] citation for the broken tail light, you get it fixed, you get a police officer to, uh, sign the 'certificate of correction' part of the ticket, and you mail the ticket with the dismissal fee before the--

Me: Am I free to go? Am I free to go?

Police: Uh, yes, but--

I drove off with my person molested but my flesh and blood self intact. I barely escaped with my life. Goddamit, I should have asked for his name and badge number, that would've sounded so cool in the video.

edit Handy Guide to Legalese and HOW TO FIGHT IT

edit "Do you understand the charges?"



Maritime Admiralty Captains (or "judges") often trick innocent civilians into unlawful military tribunal jurisdiction by saying, "do you understand the charges?" But our corporate whore government doesn't tell you that answering this phrase with a 'yes' forces you into a contract with the government that makes you subject to admiralty jurisdiction instead of Common law. The word 'understand' in the phrase is used to say, "stand under", as in, "do you agree to stand under the table while we put our long and juicy jurisdiction deep inside your sixth amendment rights?" If you say yes, you are a cuckold who has agreed to let the government corporation assert their authority over you. When you 'stand under' the authority of a kangaroo court you lose your liberties, you lose your soul, and worst of all you lose the right to call yourself a free man of the land. You are not free if you live under the whims of an oppressive regime, but you can escape their Orwellian grasp by memorizing some lines on the internet and reciting them at court. They'll have no choice but to concede victory.

If faced with this hidden contract phrase, simply say:

I do not understand the charges against me. I am incapable of understanding any such charges because of the admiralty military tribunal jurisdiction of this courtroom, or should I say immobile naval vessel, technically puts this courthouse in international waters. As is well known and established through several of my blog posts I become deathly seasick on ongoing ocean vessels and am not currently of sound mind to judge the under-standing of any such charges against my legal person. My real flesh and blood being is bound only by natural law and the ancient English Common law, whose laws I have not and never will break. I am only able to understand the charges against me if this courtroom follows common law jurisdiction, and if it were under common law jurisdiction, there would be no cause for my appearance here since I have broken no laws. Therefore I motion the captain of this immovable navy vessel, or "judge of this courtroom" to immediately dismiss the case.
— John:Yellow

The 'judge' will have no choice but to dismiss the case. The 'judge' might protest or call your statement pseudo-legal nonsense, but repeating the quote above until the judge understands your logic will usually work. Rarely the judge might find you in direct criminal contempt, in which case, calling the judge a scurvy-ridden scallywag will sort things out for the most part.

edit "Please remove your camera from the courtroom"



As sovereign citizens, sharing our beliefs with anyone and everyone even when not asked or prompted to is our most important responsibility. Any interaction that you have with police officers or judges or exasperated public defenders must be documented on video and shared everywhere. Share it on YouTube or Facebook or Liveleak if things get ugly, but share it nonetheless. The people have the right to record police officers when they're abusing their powers, which means that is completely legal to record every possible interaction we have with the criminal justice system in any place and in any situation ever.

Of course the system protects itself from having its sins against our civil liberties exposed on the internet, there's no possible reason that the courts would have to ban video cameras from the courtroom other than to keep their nefarious practices hidden from John Q. Public. We can't wake the sheeple from their mental torpor if they don't know how their rights are being molested in court, or how to fight the justice system at their own game. If an employee of the immobile naval vessel corporation ("courtroom") tells you to remove your camera from the premises, simply say:

I do not consent to the jurisdiction of this courtroom and neither does my legal fiction JOHN YELLOW, but even if my legal fiction and I did, I would still be within my rights in the constitution and in ancient English common law to have a video camera and to use the video camera inside the courtroom. The first amendment guarantees freedom of the press and freedom of speech, and the founding fathers of our great nation, Hamilton excluded, did not insure these rights would be guaranteed in the constitution so that upstart employees of the MARITIME ADMIRALTY corporation could deny me use of my property and my freedom to express myself through recording my shouting at people in a courtroom and posting the resulting video recording on the internet. My legal person and I follow Common Law jurisdiction, which doesn't ban video cameras from being used anywhere. Nothing in the Magna Carta supported the removal of cameras from the courtroom. This is a travesty. Rape! Rape! Rape!
— John (commonly known as) Yellow

edit "If you don't stop I will find you in contempt of court"


There's NOTHING IN HERE that says I can't SHOUT IN COURT.

If a judge has accused of you of "direct criminal contempt of court", this means that you're winning. This is a last resort scare-tactic by the judge to stop you from dropping more truth bombs to the audience. You're a rebel, you're a revolutionary, the aborted child of the real American dream, and the judge feels threatened. The judge is scared. He knows that he's met his match, he's met someone that threatens the illusion of law and order and safety that the system has created around the courtroom. You are a freeman who's just asked the captain to walk the plank, and he's pissed. But don't despair. Don't stop passionately defending your ideals, or "throwing tantrums" as the judge calls it, this is the people's courtroom, even if it's desecrated by the judge's admiralty maritime jurisdiction, and the people have the right to respond in any fashion that suits their needs. Don't back down, not even if your public defender tells you to stop smearing shit on the bench. Freedom of expression means I don't need to behave, I can smear shit wherever I want.

If anyone tells you that you're in contempt of court, simply say:

I am a FREE MAN born of the LAND. A SOVEREIGN CITIZEN protected by UNIVERSAL LAW and the ancient English Common Law of my colonial ancestors, and my voice will not be silenced by the forces of EVIL. You say you are a judge and that I have desecrated your courtroom by urinating on the bailiff, but no, YOU are the one who has desecrated the courtroom with your fictitious ALL CAPS COPYRIGHTED ENFORCEMENT of LEGAL FICTIONS and the GOLD FRINGE FLAG OF NAVAL ENSLAVEMENT. You are the one who has subjected an entire nation to SOMALIAN GAY-LOVING ADMIRALTY MARITIME MILITARY TRIBUNAL JURISDICTION and you say I am out of control? I AM A FREE MAN. Beholden to no government and no Jew-laws. I AM A FREE MAN. AND I WILL BE HEARD.
— John Yellow, acting agent and settler of the legal strawman JOHN YELLOW.

edit How to survive IN PRISON as a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN


The accommodations aren't too clean, but at least the food is free.

edit Dear Esther,

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that my person and I have been incarcerated and will be forced to serve a sentence of six to eight years for conspiracy to blow up a courthouse. My correspondence in prison is severely limited as any offending words will be censored, like the [REDACTED] pieces of [REDACTED] I hope that this letter reaches you in time. I only wanted what was best for my country, the system is [43 PAGES REDACTED]. I know that these are the last words anyone will hear from me, and I hope that you can set aside the enmity you have for me to perform my last will and testament as a free man. Give my truck and all my guns to the Libertarian party as thanks for their years of support. Publish my manifesto to [URL REDACTED]. I have condensed it to the best of my ability, the full 986-page manifesto was given to FOX news but they seem to have thrown it away. The $127.43 in my person's bank account shall be given to you and your half-sisters. And finally, let everyone know that I at least died free. That is all.

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