South Sydney Rabbitohs

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“Be vewwy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits”
~ Elmer Fudd on South sydney wabbitohs

Template:Infobox team |team_name = Wabbitohs. |state = South wales |Key players = Greg English, George Burgers, one of George Burgers' brothers |NRL Titles = A shit load |Nicknames = Souths (pronounced "Soufs" or "Soutts" by their supporters) |Home Colours = Green and Red |Away Colours = Green and Red

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The South Sydney Wabbitohs, also known as the Christmas club due to their obsession with green and red, are an Amateur rugby league club from South Wales.

edit Honours

Won one NRL title since 1971

Inspired the 2006 video game "Raving rabbids" with the supporters inspiring the Rabbids. As a result of this, Souths received a free nintendo wii, little did nintendo know, Wabbitohs fans are yet to discover electricity.

edit How to spot a Wabbitohs fan

More stripes on their shirt than teeth in their mouth.

Holding a whiskey bottle.

Performing halal slaughter on a rooster, due to their rivalry with Sydney Roosters.

Left their shoes outside the stadium.

Using a prayer mat.

Standing behind the counter in a small shop anywhere in the southern half of Sydney, South wales.

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