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Adelaide is ruled by the South Australian government which was elected on the basis of local celebrity standing and how many interesting skills each candidate had. The current parliament has been sitting since March 19 2006, and features some highly unpopular South Australians, plus a few hotties. The parliament resides inside Parliament house and members are only allowed out to use the toilet during full moons. The theme song for the government is 'Shiny-Happy-People by the B-52s!

South Australia's Parliament House in Adelaide

The Parliament has long been seen as irrelevant to South Australian since the state was abandoned by almost all of its residents after the Drop Bear attacks, however the MP's still believe that their goal of rebuilding the state using slave labour will bring residents back, as soon as the new Woolworths store opens at North Adelaide.

In 2005, it was decided that the Premier of South Australia should be decided during a battle royal where 2 opposing MP's are placed insde the Thunderdome, with only 1 surviving.

in 2006, the Members of parliament each Starred in the motion picture 'Love Possibly' which was written by all round mildly funny English man Richard Curtis.

Currently, the South Australian government consists of member of The South Australian Jedi Party, whose motto "The Power is Yours!" appears on the state coat of arms.

The Flower Power Party forms the opposition, with minor parties including The Gay Pride Party, the Christian and Jewish alliance and Sluts United party.

edit Division of Seats

Currently, The Jedi Party hold a supreme government, that is they have more seats than all other parties combined. This was because prior to the last election, the premier got his nipple pierced on national television, providing the people of the state promised to vote for his party. The Division of seats in the south Australian parliament is as follows, with each party holding the following seats.

Loonies: 3

The Very Silly Party (British expatriots): 17

Jedi Party: None. However, Jedi mind tricks make us think they have 15,389

Sensible Party: 1.2

Grues: 9

Kangaroos: 1If they could vote legally, they'd have more

His most High Honorable Sir Nelson-Grathsmick the Third, of Shroptington Hall, Esquire: 2

Vegemite: 3

Rincewind: 7

Some Guy who wandered in by accident: 5

Ozzys: 5

Stumpy the Dwarf: 2

edit Election '07

South Australian Election 2007 is a television special to be produced by Channel 7. Hosted by Grant Denyer, it will see each candidate perform live in the studio for viewers to vote for via SMS. Whoever receives the most votes will win their seat and be instated in the parliament. Which ever team has the most members will become government, but because South Australian's generally don't like changing anything, the government is expected to be returned.

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