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Somebody Cares
"Somebody Cares" was a universal "positivity campaign" co-launched by the UK-based charity Samaritans and the US-based National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in response to an alarming rise in suicide worldwide, linked - according to extensive worldwide police investigations in tandem with various media watchdogs and a highly-publicised viglante campaign - to a page on a then little-known, but now notorious 'satire' website,

The page - simply entitled "Nobody Cares" - callously suggested that everyone was utterly indifferent to the well-being, opinions and existence of the reader[1]. Shocked at the inhumanity and abuse of authority displayed by the responsible parties - but unable to remove the site due to policy protecting freedom of speech - Samaritans and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline launched their "Somebody Cares☺" campaign on August 3rd as a means of remedying the rapidly disintegrating situation.

Within 3 days, "Somebody Cares"had become a worldwide phenomenon with funding from various Government agencies and noted philanthropists, as well as endorsement by London Transport, Kelloggs and, of course, Bono.

edit Background

  1. And still does, despite numerous attempts to take the page offline
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