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Somebody Cares

"Somebody Cares" was a universal "positivity campaign" co-launched by the UK-based charity Samaritans and the US-based National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in response to an alarming rise in suicide worldwide, linked - according to extensive worldwide police investigations in tandem with various media watchdogs and a highly-publicised viglante campaign - to a page on a then little-known, but now notorious 'satire' website,

The page - simply entitled "Nobody Cares" - callously suggested that everyone was utterly indifferent to the well-being, opinions and existence of the reader[1]. Shocked at the inhumanity and abuse of authority displayed by the responsible parties - but unable to remove the site due to policy protecting freedom of speech - Samaritans and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline launched their "Somebody Cares☺" campaign on August 3rd as a means of remedying the rapidly disintegrating situation.

Within 3 days, "Somebody Cares"had become a worldwide phenomenon with funding from various Government agencies and noted philanthropists, as well as endorsement by London Transport, Kelloggs and, of course, Bono.

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  1. And still does, despite numerous attempts to take the page offline
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