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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for That Girl, or Some guy you've never heard of?
“I really dont give a damn about her...”
~ Oscar Wilde on SCYDGADA.
“Oh Hai! I heard she is in love with Some guy you've never heard of, Ronald McDonald, AND me! I am Lisa's man, and Ronald is my bro, so I'll kill her if she lays a paw on me hah!”
~ Tommy Wiseau on SCYDGADA.
“I care!”
~ Nobody on SCYDGADA
“Nobody give a hot damn about her, except for Some Old Bastard!”
~ Anonymous on SCYDGADA

Some Chick You Don't Give a Damn About works at some damn place in some stupid area you really just don't give a damn about.. Really.

Some chick

Our experts could not find her or Waldo. What a shame. It's also a shame that the only people who would sponsor this football team are KFC.

edit Biography

She is some random chick. She lives in some city you dont give 2 shits about and sleeps at some stupid time you wish you never knew. She eats some thing each morning and drives a thing you never care about to work. She is dating Some guy you've never heard of, and attends sporting events with him. So when you see her remember not to care about her. If you actually care, she is sometimes abriviated as SCYDGADA.

edit History

She is just that random chick you pass by at some places. School, store, park, bathroom, etc. That's really it.

200px-Christmas Story House

Our experts guess SCYDGADA lives right about here. But we really don't give a damn anyway...

edit More stuff you don't give a damn about

Yeah, you spy. You don't care. But if you do give a damn, then keep going. You might remember her from that opera that you dont give a damn about. You know that skinny lady singing something awful but I know you dont give a damn. She is this average human you see every day. She might be your wife or girlfriend. She might be your mom or any women actually. Or your teacher. Or your dad. Well, hopefully not your dad...

edit That Night You Don't Give A Damn About

Yes you were there. She was the one drinking punch out of a coffee mug. Remember? That skinny lady in red and white stripes who somehow looks like a lady version of Waldo. But yes she was there. Don't deny the fact that she looked hot. I know you want to remember that face, but it's too late. I am sorry.

edit Recent News

She just bought some small car that you probably don't care about. Also, she just was passing by your house. But you probably didn't give a damn.

edit Some info and facts

  • She loves petting puppies (Like Wiseau).
  • Superman saved her from something you do not give a damn about.
  • She is believed to be British and not bright.
  • She asked Greedo out to her High School prom, but he asked, "Who are you?"
  • You probably did not give a damn about any of that stuff above anyways.

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