Solvay, New York

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Solvay is the most scummiest area. The people here eat cats and possibly even eat each other. The girls in solvay are drug obsessed and constantly show their ass crack with their muffin tops hanging out. Everywhere you look you see a dirty little slut on the corner waiting for her money. The solvay high school is the trashiest school known to man. Girls paint themsleves orange (and no not to support their school pride but because of their cheap spray tan they have to whore themselves to get). The guys there sag their pants and are constantly grabbing their members. Teachers have no idea what they are doing. A lot of them have gotten fired for being nasty pedos. Students have sex in school. Theres debri and white trash all over solvay. The cops are a bunch of assholes and so are the neighbors. I DONT RECOMENED LIVING HERE IF OU HAVE CHILDREN. GOOD DAY PEOPLE.

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