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"Sofia The First is the best show of them all in the world that everybody of all ages should watch and anybody who doesn't should go to jail!"

~Truman from Martha Speaks on Sofia The First.

"Sofia The First is a great Tolakazak approved family friendly show that can teach kids how to defend themselves from terrorists approved by The Tolakazak Cartoon Show Administration's list of top 10 best shows."

~The Tolakazak Channel on Sofia The First.

"It's Jesus's favorite show!"

~Raymond Gregory on Sofia The First.

"Wait is it Sofia The First? Sofia The Second? Sofia The Third? Or Sofia The Tenth? Or Sofia The One Hundredth? Even my robots are so confused they drowned in a lake and almost comited suicide!"

~Theodore Macalister The Third aka Tobey from Word Girl on Sofia The First.

"We are the best Disney show of them all!"

~Prince James on Sofia The First.

"LOL! Very funny ha ha good one loved this article on Uncyclopedia!"

~Sofia The First on this article.

"This show is so good even we the small tiny ants watch it!"

~Ants on Sofia The First.


Sofia the First is an Egyptian cartoon television series about a little alien girl who lives on the planet Enchancia and and became a princess when she joined a really messed up, dysfunctional, mysterious and strange, zombie, mutant alien royal family.


Princess Sofia

A young city alien girl girl who became a princess after her mother married King Roland II the king of the planet Enchancia. She is addicted to beating drums loud with sticks and playing them like crazy, upgoing, loves watching The Engineering Family on YouTube, loves watching Doc Mcstuffins, beautiful, adventurous, mysterious, strange and loves the indoors. Ever since she was brought into the royal family, she became the bearer of the mystical Amulet of Avalor, which gave her the ability to understand bacteria speech (they can understand her without the amulet). It can also summon famous musicians from all over the world to help her like Josh Wilson, Colton Dixon, Phil Wickham, Matthew West, Francesca Batistelli, Jodi from Love And The Outcome, Philips Craig And Dean, Raymond Gregory, Hans Ives and Steve Wiggins who have all made guest appearances on the show.

Princess Amber

Sofia's very pretty, cute and hot evil alien stepsister, James's twin alien sister, King Roland's daughter and Queen Miranda's stepdaughter. She is cunning, wicked, extremely evil, sneaky, mischievous, vain, spoiled, sassy, jealous, loves playing harp, loves texting on her phone, ingoing, impatient, but nonetheless, a good friend. Honoring her title as princess, she devotes her life to a huge liking of jewelry and keeping everything clean of anything especially bacteria like Clover. Amber is the 3rd main villain and antogonist of the show.

Prince James

Sofia's fun and hilarious stepbrother, Amber's twin brother from the same egg, Roland's son and Miranda's stepson. Just like Amber, he is adventurous, loves playing guitar, loves watching YouTube Poop videos on YouTube, sneaky, mischievous, cunning, wise, prank loving, crazy, weird, downgoing but fun.

Queen Miranda

Sofia's mother, Roland's wife, the queen of the planet Enchancia and the stepmother of the identitcal royal alien twins.

King Roland II

Sofia's stepfather, Miranda's husband, the father of the mutant alien royal twins, and the ruler of the planet Enchancia. His skin is green, his feet are blue his eyes are red, his tongue is purple and his teeth are solid gold and so very bright anybody who stared into his teeth will be blinded in seconds immediately which is why you never see him smile in any pictures.

Cedric (The Great Science Guy)

Cedric is the royal scientist of Enchancia and the main antogonist and most dangerous villain of the show. He is described as a great and impressive mad scientist by the Bad Fairies. He has a sidekick pet worm named Wormwood and lives in a big business skyscraper in the middle of the city and is the CEO of his own science research company. He is the grandson of Dart Vader now retired with Cedric's grandmother. Cedric has also referred to having a cousin who stole some stinky dog poop for his next science experiment on car gas for dog poop fueled cars from him, who he has never forgiven. He has a cousin named Cordelia who has 2 heads and her daughter Calista who is ten billion years old is Cedric's grandma and her brother is his uncle who's son is his brother who's son is his dad who's sister is his grandma who's grandpa is his son who's son is his brother. He secretly longs to take over the planet to bring glory to scientists everywhere. Ever since Sofia wore the Amulet, he allways failed repeatedly at stealing it until one time he finally successfully managed to, and was able to use it to take over the kingdom and he enslaved everybody and told and commanded them what to do like do all his chores, take out his garbage, clean his toilet, cook him the most delicious food in the kingdom, massage his feet, wipe his butt with toilet paper for him after he goes to the bathroom and give him a bath.


A giant bacteria and enemy of Sofia with help of the Amulet. He usually thinks of eating (people) constantly. He is the second antagonist and one of the most evil villains of the show second to Cedric.

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