So I see this guy, right...

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Yeah, it was totally like this.

Ok, I was just at the bus stop, and I see this guy. Just standin' there at the bus stop. I have no idea what he was doing, but he was standing there, just like me. Right next to me, this guy was standing right next to me at the bus stop. Not the same bus stop as me, though. Wait, never mind, it was the same bus stop as me. So there I was, standing there at the same bus stop as this guy, who is just standin' there, right next to me, at the exact same bus stop. I think it was to right, where he was standing. It could have also been to my left. He may have also been possibly standing in front of or behind me. Either way, he was there, and apparently, so was I. We were both just there. The bus stop. Just me and that guy.

edit The guy

Alright, so this guy standing next to me at the bus stop, he wasn't all that pretty. I mean, he kinda smelled, a little. I'm not really sure whether you can detect prettiness with your nose, but if you could, I could smell his lack of prettiness. Not that I would judge him, or anything. I mean, it was a . Still, he smelled a little. Oh, and these clothes he had. I remember he this black jacket, right? Well, guess what? The jacket was black! A black jacket, imagine that! Actually, don't imagine that, at all. It's stupid if you imagine it. HEY! I SAID DON'T!

But yeah, I mean, his socks were all white, and stuff, and his jeans were all blue. I don't know who he thought he was, with his black jacket and his white socks and his blue jeans and his black shoes. Oh yeah, did I mention the black shoes? I see 'em, and I'm all like dude, those shoes are black. And they were.

Oh yeah, and the guy kinda smelled. He kinda smelled kinda like someone who had kinda been in McDonald's for kinda long, and kinda smelled like a McDonald's. Kinda.

I wonder what his voice sounded like. Pretty lame, I bet.

edit The Bus Stop

So I was at the bus stop, right? That one downtown near the movie theater that always smells like pee, you know? Good great mediocre fantastic spectacular God, what a horrible bus stop. At least it has a ceiling, though, one of them shiny clear ones. So shinyyyyy...


Yeah, this guy totally smelled like McDonalds, or at least McDonalds smelled like McDonalds.

Oh, and the bus stop had a sign. It was sorta round, and I'm pretty sure it said bus stop on it. Signs mostly say things on them, that's for sure. You know how, like, when a sign doesn't say something, but you think it does so you go and try to look closer but it still says nothing and you're like whaaa...? Nope, it's never happened to me, either, but I was hoping you could add some perspective.

Oh, and the weirdest thing happened at this bus stop. There was this guy there, right? Just a regular-looking guy with normal clothes who smelled like he'd been in McDonald's. Made sense, since there was a McDonald's somewhere nearby. But then I was all like, hey, he doesn't smell like McDonald's! He smells like people! McDonald's smells like McDonald's! And then I looked over at McDonald's and I could tell that it was too far away to smell like itself to me, ya know? So I guess it was me that smelled like McDonald's, or maybe that bag of McDonald's food I was eating from. That could possibly be it. Or maybe not. Either way, this guy was right there at the bus stop. I mean, right there, next to me, at the bus stop, and I didn't like him. I dunno why...

edit The Guy

Wait, now I remember why I didn't like the guy. Seriously. He was a freakin' fat guy.

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