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A location upon where a spider spins a web, a Website is commonly used as material for bookcovers and artificial banana skins.

Their main purpose is as a repository for pornographic images, which otherwise would fill hard drives and restrict PCs to Windows 95 levels. Microsoft, in their constant struggle to improve the smooth running of computers and operating systems took drastic steps as the Millenium Bug (see Godzilla vs the Millenium Bug) threatened to take over the world.

Another popular use for Websites now are as writing material. Nubile Teens often enjoy acquiring pet spiders and creating their own website. Watching these creatures spin these websites into what is sometimes termed the "world wide web" can be a fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

A fine example of a website is which is an uterly pointless website but has good mathematical problems (err... not really) and excellent spelling of words such as the following: In, The, Me, You, Famous, We, Not, Here.

See Blogging.

A noob website

Internet Explorer 8

Welcome to my site,

I can do HTML n evereefin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im cool n' stuff coz I can do blank pages like this and stuff

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On this day...


December 4: e-nternashonal Badt Ingrish Daiye

  • 1999 BC - l337 5p3ak 15 kr34t3d
  • 39 - Al-Gorirra e-nvants da eenterned
  • 50 - ikzackly 21 yeers efter Al-Gorira eenvintid zum eenterned, sumwon joopt NickedSrev, und das stratted der ifNet vvs. IRC|IRACnet. Menny moad 'em daee in da bat-less.
  • 1697 - Breetneyish proofessoor koyn fraze : "De raheen een Spaheen stais maheenley ahn tha plaheen."
  • 1776 - Da You-S de-feat Ingrand een Teh Wor off Eendie pen dance
  • 1918 - Wootroow Weelsoon, taht vas zum presidant zum der Ooonitid Steeeets, goeing tu Verseis en sa-id sheep too speek off piss toks vith teh kontrees, hoo fuight en WWW1.
  • 1951 - Generel Mcarther deliverz hees "Oold Soldjers neffer dye, dey jaast faid aweigh" speajh tew Kongress
  • 1963 - Marteen Looter Keeing deeClaires "Wen wee lett fureedum rin', wen wee ledt eet rin' fum evrie veeleij adn evrie hams, fum evrie steit adn evrie sitty, wes gots'ta bee eible t'spiid dauwn dat daiye wen oll uh Gutt's cheeldrun, bruthas doodes adn haunky menn, Jawas adn Gentailles, Prostatetants adn Cat-o-holics, gots'ta bee babble t'joyn hans adn crapp inn de wo'ds uh de ould Nee grow spyrittual, "Phree utt lust! Raiyt owng! Phree utt lust! Raiyt owng! Dank Gutt All mitey, wii iz phree utt lazt! Raiyt Owng!"
  • 1978 - Warld's ferst dees-eyeble porking spays creeaytedd.
  • 1993 - Frank Zappa's reported death occurs.
  • 1999 - Sum idyot furst zpealls "owned" vronglee ass "pwned"
  • 2001 - Oustraleeuhlund beets Nu Z-lya ein Tset Circket.
  • 2004 - Georgio Dubya Bousch got re-eelickted. Phool mii wans, schaim un mii... uh... ya won phool mii twies! No moore eeliction pour Bousch.
  • 2006 - Und Jeebus sayd undo da poepple, "Whoom doo yoo tink eye am?", und da poepple repped, "You are the exhiological replication of our being, the vast immiturication of a higher homosapianism, the essence of zoology.", und Jeebuz sez, "Eh?"
  • 2007 - en soviate ruzia gramarz badz youz!
  • 2010 - Rick James comes back to life, gets 100 kilos of cocaine, then vanishes.

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This is one small step for a gentleman, rather too much for working class types, I fear.

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Guide to Creating a Successful Website

see main article: HowTo:Create a Website

There are a set number of steps necessary in creating a successful website. Start by analysing the average from the content of the most successful websites, and then through subtle manipulation copy and paste, know to Webmasters as the "Copy and Paste Technique".

Standard subject matter should include:

It is important to try to add lots of large images, as well as javascript, enabling "snowfall" or "magic" mouse trails. Embedded MIDI files are a must.

WARNING!: Try not to make it as weird and pointless as the site Workingbrains, good god that place is pointless.

For addition help please view HowTo:Create a Website

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