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Your Rights Online: Windows still closed source
Posted by Konk
from the bill-gates-run dept.

WhingingUser writes:

The Washington Post notes, 'Microsoft persists in keeping Windows closed and proprietary, defending the expensive research of its departments with a portfolio of patents. Its stance has drawn staunch critics from independent software authors about the ethics of this practice. CEO Steve Ballmer insisted two weeks ago it would be "financially ruinous" to release the Windows source code.'

Does anything more need to be said? It's only a matter of time before Microsoft succumbs to the mighty banner of FOSS. The idiots.

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COWARSD!!1 (Score:3, Interesting)
by R0xst4r
u cowards! show ur face! show ur face in the computer screen or GTFO!!1

Why go through a window... (Score:-1, Troll)
by j8rt4
...when there's a door?

Joke (Score:5, Funny)
by 3r3t4kjjf
Somebody has to make it. :-)

When someone shuts the Windows, go out the Gates!

You know what... (Score:2)
by Anonymous Coward
I can't stand about Microsoft? Even though we don't have the source and can't prove it, Windows likely uses GPL code.

The GPL requires any company using GPL software to release their additions to the source. Everybody storm Redmond! Get it! Get the code!

Re: You know what... (Score:4, Insightful)
by Anonymous Coward
Microsoft software blows. They make you click away your rights in shrinkwrap agreements, which are simultaneously nasty and legally unenforceable. Also, OSS critics of EULAs are totally not hypocritical, even though us members of the open source community use viral licenses to seize the work of others. Totally no contradiction there.

Eolas Patents (Score:0)
by Dingo99
What about the Eolas patents!? Other companies have patents it must be all right!

Re: Eolas Patents (Score:2, Interesting)
by RangerPatrick
I work as a highly credible professional in an ultra-high-powered sector (never mind I can't prove this). IMO, fanboys for open source are just hysterically overreacting because another company thought of embedding plugins first. Next time you get a million dollar, original idea like that, and patent it, you can sidle on over and complain.

Re: Eolas Patents (Score:4, Informative)
by Wackyned15
I think you'll find that's not true. If a lawyer can establish that Microsoft or someone else came up with something like plugin embedding, the patent will fail the prior-art requirement of patent law and be rendered invalid. Web browsers' capability for rendering images is a possible example of this "prior art."

Patent trolling does not further the public good. The purpose of a patent is to promote "the progress of science and the useful arts", not to secure an unfair cash bonanza for its holders.

Re: Eolas Patents (Score:5, Insightful)
by RangerPatrick
Parent is an obvious troll. Or maybe you're a Microsoft shill?

Four boxes (Score:3, Interesting)
by Compluver99
Society is past the soap box and the blalot box, on to the ammo box. The revolution is upon us--the NERD revolution lol.

Troll Story? (Score:5, Funny)
by Lollipopgirl100
Story is a troll. Really shows /. bias.

Keep one foot in a video game at all times.
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