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Sky.GIF In All Its Glory, Now Available In HD

Sky.gif IS the worlds 3rd most seen .GIF file off all time after LOTR.gif and POO.gif.

Look Up! What do you see? If its not the roof then its probably Sky.gif.

Sky.GIF was created on the 2nd day by God, Making it one of the oldest .GIFs ever created. Though it was only made of 256 distinct colours from the 24-bit RGB colour space, making it very simple and noticeably jumpy its popularity has endured through out the ages.

edit Sky.GIF's Origins

In the beginning God booted up his computer for some serious scripting, After a serious bender and William Shatner Porn Spree (Mostly About Seven of Nine) he decided it was time to get serious, and on the second day God created Sky.GIF as a creative tool to write poems about to get chicks. Since this time it has grown to be the 3rd most watched .GIF in the world after LOTR.gif due to its comedic value, and POO.gif because animals poo everywhere.

edit Criticisms

Sky.GIF is well known for its odd tendency to glitch and lose brightness during the night.

Sky.GIF was also noted for its poor comedic value, explicit use of nude shaped clouds and bad graphics, Many people have also noticed the often jumpy nature of Sky.GIF, its repetiveness and low nutritional value.

edit Sky.GIF in Popular Culture

Unless you're blind, you can't help but see Sky.GIF, and it has been referenced greatly in popular culture:

In William Shakespeare's Biblical Epic "Slap My Bitch Up!" Moses Says "Yo Thanks God Creator Of The Blessed Sky, Im Gunna Bang This Burnin' Bush!"

The Windows XP default 'Bliss' background is a blatant rip-off of Sky.GIF

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