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Skipskipskipskipskipping CDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDs haphaphaphaphaphappen whenever your your your your disdisdisdisks gegegeget scrascratchedatchedatched. You you you should should alwayalwayalwayalwayalways tatatatatake care care care of care of care of your your disdisdisks and don't get them get them get them get them scrararatched like my Dragdragdragonforce CDs were when my friend friend was was over last Thurthursdayday. So my friend so my friend was was was an emo an emo an emo and wanted and wanted to listen to his Green Day Green Day Green Day CDs while we watched porn. We decided decided decided decided to play Dragonforce in the end end end end end end. More on this lalalater.


Don't don't don't don't let let let this horhorrible tragedy tragedy happen to you you you you

edit Why why why why this this this catascatastrophe ocococcurs

Well compacompact disk disk disk disk disks are are things things things things thathathat can be be be be scanscanscanned by laseraserasers, ririright? After after after after some some some some some some some some rererererereseaseasearch, I've found found out thathat a skip occurcurs whenever whenever the laser the laser the laser the laser reareareads a block block block block of data data that it it it it it cannocannot underunderunderstand like the the the asshole asshole it is is is is is. It's it's proprobably because because you you you were were carrying were carrying both the porn porn DVD and the the drinksinks and tripped tripped. You fell flat fall flat fall flat on your face on your face on your face on your face and and and and spilled spilled spilled your beer. And you find the DVD find the DVD find the DVD all cracked and such so so so so so so you decdecdecide to put put put put put put put put it it it it it in anyway anyway. So when it starts, the chick starts to strip but the DVD can't can't can't get past this this framframe and and and start starts skipping. It doesn't stop stop and you you cuss out loud loud loud loud loud. That's exactactly what what haphaphappened last last weweek, as mentioned above. Oh, and my Dragonforce CDs CDs CDs skipped.


How I felt felt felt last week last week last week

edit How to prevent prevent prevent your your DVDVDVDVDs or CDDDDDDs from skiskiskiskipping

You've just gotta gotta gotta gotta be be be be be be be be be very very very verververververververy careful careful careful careful careful careful careful with your disks. Never touch the shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny side! Fingerprints are just are just are just as bad as bad as bad as bad as scratches. Avoidoid them them them best best you you you can can can can can can can. Also, clean your disks once once once once once a month. It it it it it it it REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY helphelphelps! Just just take take take a damp damp damp damp paper towel paper towel and clean it of all it's grease grease grease and fingerfingerprints!

edit What Else else else else can Skiskiskiskip like a CD?

DVDs can skip skip skip, like what what what what happened last week last week last week which I shall speak speak speak speak no more no more no more no more no more of of of of of. And PC CD-ROMs can skiskiskip too too as as as far far far far as I know.

And and and and my other other friend owns owns owns a recrecrecord player where he he he he he he he he keeps his marijuana stash hidhidden. It it it it it skiskiskipped once when when when he was getting getting getting getting the lilililighter. He later took took took a dududump on the on the record on the record on the record on the record player and brobrobrobroke it. It was a funny moment moment moment moment.

edit Can someoneoneoneone help me with me with me with my my my proproproproproblem?

Okay I said I'd speak I'd speak I'd speak no more of this but apparently I was lylylylylying. The porn film film film was was was a Mexican foreigneign one called Elas Bonkers. It got it got scrascrascratched and it was only only only rented from Blockbuster. It was due back back back 3 daydaydaydays ago. I seriouslyously need help help help help. What what should I I I I I tell tell Blockblockblockbusbusbuster? For adult films, they charge charge $30 a renrenrental! Plus it was was a Mexican filfilfilm! Please please help me! My my email address address is is is is is:

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