You'll be able to change your Uncyclopedian skin experience here.

Hi <insert name here>

In May 2018 the default site 'skin' for this site has been Wikia's Oasis default. You now cannot change this in the 'My Preferences' option.


Members ARE permitted to alter the skin (appearance) on an individual basis using a personal CSS and/or personal Javascript page. Some of you have done this on a very limited basis, but with the complexity of the site, 2 editors have also provided a means of returning the site to the more Wikipedia-like pages that old users know, by creating new personal CSS pages for all to use. It makes sense to register and sign in if you want to get the proper Wikipedia look, though we do currently have an overall compromise-style skin for Uncyclopedia.

This page will provide the links for you to switch from the compromise Oasis skin to (2) PseudoMonoBook and (3) PseudoVector. You will first have to create a CSS file, made like any new page on Uncyclopedia and named:


('username' will be the name you have chosen as an account name here).


For what's called PseudoMonobook, open the page for editing, copy and add the following line:

@import url("/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:PseudoMonobook.css&only=styles");

Note the refresh instructions for your browser and save the page, and refresh your browser. One of my stubborn browsers requires sign out and re-signing in without clearing the whole browser cache manually. Go figure. is the development/source page for this. Many, many thanks to Speedit!

To delete the skin, just delete the personal CSS page. Keep that page if you want to test out Fake Vector below (you'll want to test it out, I guarantee).

Fake Vector

For the best Wikipedia-like page and the old left-side control bar, there is the highly recommended Fake Vector. If you have already tested Pseudomonobook, edit the personal CSS page and delete the line for Pseudomonobook. Otherwise create your personal CSS page as above and open it for editing. Now copy and insert this line:

@import url('/load.php?debug=false&lang=en&mode=articles&articles=User:Llwy-ar-lawr/fakevector1.css&only=styles');

Alternatively, if you prefer the way Wikipedia looked before the "typography refresh" changes in 2014, insert this line:

@import url('/load.php?debug=false&lang=en&mode=articles&articles=User:Llwy-ar-lawr/fakevector2.css&only=styles');

Note the refresh instructions for your browser and save the page, and refresh your browser. Using this "link" instead of the original CSS page will carry over any upgrades or fixes automatically for you.

Naturally, if you don't like any of these, just blank the personal CSS page. If you keep one of them (you can only have one at a time), it will automatically display the site its way every time you sign in.

If you have JavaScript enabled, you may also wish to install the JavaScript portion of Fake Vector, which brings the interface much closer to Wikipedia and improves accessibility for keyboard users. Note that you must have the above CSS for it to work properly. To install Fake Vector JS, go to Special:MyPage/common.js and add this line:


Sample article pages for Fake Vector (click to embiggen):

Fake Vector v3 without JS

Fake Vector with modern appearance

Fake Vector random page

Fake Vector with pre-2014 appearance

Fake Vector v3 with JS

Fake Vector CSS and JS together

Fake Vector is now in version 2.0 and is being worked on as time and perspiration allows. All credit for Fake Vector goes to our loyal admin Llwy-ar-lawr, who deserves our undying gratitude if not a big slice of cake. Fake Vector is Uncyclopedia-specific and restores old site functionality that Pseudomonobook does not, including weird template-based stuff only used on this site. Of particular note to old-timers and returnees is that the familiar left-side control bar is restored and working.

Be aware that there are some minor issues (as ever), some of which are browser-related or screen format-related. You can report any issues over at the Forum:Village Dump but realize they may be very low priority fixes at this time. The basics of Fake Vector are the important thing (it works!). Our overlords Wikia/FANDOOM keep changing their code, potentially disrupting Uncyclopedia, so fixing their "fixes" take priority.

This skin certainly lets you pretend you are vandalizing Wikipedia and for writers, the look is convincing, again assuming a page written in normal canonical Wikipedia style. Writers formatting articles should note that articles written in full page width will auto-format nicely for users using the narrower compromise Oasis skin. You are then encouraged to use larger-sized images that match your full-width article. So if you write from a phone or tablet, think about going back and checking the look on a laptop or something with a larger screen. The mobile view works well and resizes your images down automatically.