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And YOU gotta help us.

The sith lords are the most powerful people in the galaxy and will not stop untill they get exactly what they want. Even if it includes invading hyrule, destroying ganon once and for all and OBTAINING THE POWER OF INMORTALITY. They have the powers of red lightsabers, making people choke themselfs to death and shoot lightning from their fingers which reach far longer than ganons lightning

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edit Notable sith lords

Darth sidious Was an apperentice to a master who nobody cares about only that his master could save people from death. Sidious killed his master in his sleep by throwing him out of his 100ft tall tower. After which he became a politsion and then the GRAND counselor after a rather chaotic speech. However he was soon found out and hisface DIEd from his lightning being refleated by a black guy who then had his hand cut off by skywalker who then unleashed UNLIMITED POWAAAH apon windew he then ruled peacefuly for 22 years until he tried to kill luke and was trown into The Pit by darth vader. He has yet to return.

Darth Gluttonous The fattest sith lord to ever exist. When King Harkinain began to become intrested in the dark side Darth Meesa allowed him to become his apprentice. He could make even the most powerful jedi scrub the floors in hyrule until they DIEd. But Gluttonous gave up on the whole thing when he found out how bad he was at a lightsaber which ALL sith lords must know. And he killed Meesa after learning he was a lame imposter.

Darth vader Your favourite cyborg everyknows who chokes people interogating spies choking people torturing rebel spies and lest us not forget choking people. Cut of his sons hand and then told him he was his farther. Died from the aftermath of throwing the emporer of skyrim into The Pit. His biggest accomplishment in life was being able to get into Natalie Portman's pants on more than one occasion.

Darth Maul An overly tattoned person with horns in his head. Apperently used a dual bladed lightsaber and killed qui gon by stabbing him thourgh his gut. He was then cut in half and then knocked into The Pit forever. Good ridenese to the tatton man.

Darth Impa Who knows, maybe impa is a sith lord by the fact she knows so much about the future.

Darth meesa Was nothing but a lame imposter took king harkinain as his apperentice after the time sent in duke onklets prison


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