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After many hours staring at a map, I have been completely unable to find Singapore anywhere on the map. I hear you plead, "How could you not find it?"

Well, the thing is that little dot that people keep saying is Singapore is either an uninhabited islet of Malaysia (so it's a bit like Rockall), or it is a bit of vomit that came from me at the mere thought of Singapore. In fact, I can't see any reason why Singapore, or its various different little sister countries have a reason to waste the Earth's habitable landmass. And, after all of this time thinking, I have come to the conclusion: Singapore does not exist.

edit Absolute facts


Singapore? what the Deuce is a "Singapore?"

The truth of Singapore is (If it were to have ever existed, and therefore its history wouldn't be imaginary and would not be confined within the contents of this page) is that it is not a real country, and at best can be considered a part of Malaysia. In fact, you may need a huge stretch of the imagination in order to pretend that Singapore exists. Map-makers are obviously trying to bring that facáde to frutation (More than they ever could for the actual country itself).

And that simple pointing-out of how much shit cartographers are full of just shows how many pieces of evidence there are surrounding theory fact that Singapore doesn't exist. There are many people who agree with me on this one; as not only does Windows ME bear with me, but the Bears bear with Windows ME and me. That just shows how much there is in evidence terms that Singapore does not exist.

I have much more to write the subject, as not only do we need to fill an entire Table of Contents to show I'm not just a lazy-arse who has picked a random subject out of a hat and I am rambling on about, oh-no! I'm going show you the full facts regarding Singapore and its in-existence. So pull your socks up, I've got a lot to write to not only bore you half to death but to write the world's first SERIOUS essay on how Singapore could not possibly exist. So let's go!

edit I keep accidentally spelling it as "Signapore"

It's so annoying! Why do they have to have a name like Singapore? It conflicts with my gross incompetence. I have no idea how I'm supposed to cope with this, when all spellchecker comes up with is "Signature"? What the fuck?? Sing-apore? That sounds like the kind of thing Justin Bieber would use in the shower. You can also use it to annoy certain Australians, who may think that you are confusing it with a Honey brand.

Signature of John Paul II


This has been a subject that has caused Massive frustration among sixth-graders everywhere, who have only just learned the embarrassing question of what the Internet is, let alone spell it. The same applies to Singapore, as just like Cyberspace, are forced to write about non-existent places.

edit It has unrealistic goals

1008202450 22

This wouldn't happen in a real country. It's too good.

Take a look at many various pieces of "fanon" made by people who have too much time on their hands and therefore have enough time to make up fictional "parts" of this "creative piece of writing" so they can get top marks on their futile "effort" at trying to make their own little country and then post blogs on their "works". They're so imaginative....

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