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Henry Townshend (left) as he encounters the fauna of Silent Hill. Notice the chocolate milk in his hand that is required to save the world.

“What the hell...?”
~ Henry Townshend on every event in the game
“This game made me have to buy a new proverbial washing machine.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Silent Hill 4
“He told me to go down into the deepest part of him, and to look for the ultimate Truth... Let's do that.”
~ Henry Townshend on deciding what to do next
“~ Henry Townshend on figuring out his sexual orientation”
~ Random contributor on the above quote
“This guy made me realize that dope makes you stupid.”
~ Dope addict on Henry Townshend

Silent Hill 4. Hey, I just saw a double-headed giant baby monster thing kill a guy just now. But that's okay, I guess.

Yeah, so this game is by Team Silent from Konami again, and their last game as well. Don't know why they got kicked off the Silent Hill series; though I heard that every gamer never made it past the first ten minutes of the game without breaking their controllers in two, but I don't know if that's related...

edit The Story

The story? What the hell? There's a story?

edit The Story

Oh, okay, so there is a story because another big heading popped up just now telling me to write The Story... Is that normal? What the hell?

edit The Story!

Well, let's see, there's this room. And then there's me, Henry Townshend. Yeah, I'm Henry, in case you didn't know. And there's this room, that belongs to me, but I guess not really since I'm renting it in this town called Silent Hill. It's not? Oh right, yeah, the town's called South Ashfield. What the hell? So, I've been trapped in this room for I don't know how long because of the chains on the door and the writing in blood on the door telling me not to go out Walter. They can't spell my name right. The windows aren't chained, but they're stuck, so I guess I can't get out... What the hell?

Then, one day, I find out that there's this hole in my bathroom with all these weird, demonic noises coming out of it. What the hell? So I decided to go through the hole. Then I'm in the subway station where this hot Latino chick tells me I'm in her dream and that she'll do me "a special favor" if I can get her out whilst she rubbed her body all over me. What the hell? I wonder what she meant by that? Well, anyway, I found her dead later all covered in blood, so I thought it'd be okay to touch her boobs while she's not looking. Hope she won't mind and come back as an invincible ghost to haunt me later on or something...

Man, this could take a while if I had to write the whole story here. What the hell? Can I just say that my room is really the mother of a supernatural serial killer whose body was hiding in the room behind my bed that was originally part of my room (but I didn't notice) all along, and leave it at that?

edit Characters

Oh, a big heading saying "Characters" just popped up, so I guess it's okay.

edit Eileen Galvin

She lives next door. Female, early 20s, cup size D. She's brunette and has green eyes as well. I wonder if we're related? I rescue her from this weird hospital room when she gets attacked by a weird german dude, and although she has a broken arm, an eye patch, tons of bruises and cuts and is in desperate need of eye drops she still can kill those monsters with 2 hits of her handbag, must have a brick in it. What the hell?

edit Walter Sullivan

He's a serial killer, but he's fucking dead. But he's still killing people. What the hell? But he's also a kid. But that's okay. He's also got green eyes, but blonde hair. What the hell? Maybe he's German.

edit Frank Sunderland

He's the super. He's an okay guy, though I heard he unfortunately has a missing son. By the way, I saw this body in Toluca Lake this other day whose face reminded me of him. I wonder if they're related?

edit Joseph Schreiber

He lived in my room before I did. Shortly before his disappearance, he was going all funny and locking himself up in his room from which weird noises sometimes emerged. What the hell? But I figured it was okay to live in the same room.

edit Random Rabbit

He's a rabbit I found after peeking at Eileen's room when I realized there was a hole in my living room. I'm surprised Eileen saw me and nothing happened. Oh, and she did laugh a lot that time, watching TV... But how come my TV's only flickering subliminal demonic noises? What the hell? I'm going back to the hole and see what's Eileen up to...

edit Monsters

Monsters? They look like monsters to you? What the hell? I thought they were an agressive cross-breed of dog. But that's okay. I kill them all the same.

edit Ghosts

Oh! So that's what those floaty things that come out of the walls things were!

edit Hair girl

Found in the subways. Her cleavage reminds me of that hot Latino chick. I wonder if they're related?

edit Flaming guy

At first, I was like, whoa! But then, I was like, whoa... But then, I was like, what the hell?

edit Double-headed giant baby monster thing

Hmmm... Ummm... Sorry, I forgot what they looked like!

edit Pyramid Head

No, don't joke, Mr. Heading. Not every Silent Hill article must make reference to Pyramid Head. Pyramid Head.

edit Puzzles

A long time ago, in Windows 95, there was this screensaver that showed a 3D maze, which took over 9000 hours to complete and basically no one except for those without a life ever sat through to see it reach the end, wherethen the screensaver will start all over again into infinity.

This game is a bit like that.

edit Characters

Huh? What's going on? What the hell?

edit Henry Townshend

Um... Oh.

I have no life.

I'm pretty calm, so that's just me anyway.

edit Deeper meaning

Oh, I see what this article was doing. It was guiding me through an introspective journey for the metaphor that is Silent Hill, where I learn about the hidden secrets of my subconscious after the many trials that face me, each aspect of which arises as a representation of that subconscious.

Now I finally understand. It wasn't the game that was supposed to show me, it is this article! And this article has finally made me accept what I really am.

I am a man without a life.

But that's okay.

edit Endings

edit 21 Sacraments

Everyone dies. I'm dead, Eileen's dead, and the bad guy and his childish self... are already dead to begin with.

edit Eileen's Death

Eileen gets mashed up by that gravity engine drive thing from Event Horizon while I was busy killing the dead serial killer. I get to live, so that's good...shame i didn't do her though...

edit Mother

We all live except for those who are dead. My apartment goes moldy.

edit Escape

Yeah, so this is the ending that I really got. My apartment is fine, and Eileen and I are fine. I got her some flowers and then she told me she'd do me a "special favor". I wonder what she meant? What the hell? I don't really get it, but that's okay.

edit What the hell?

What the hell?

edit See Also

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