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Sick or Suck

Sickipedia: Proof that the special relationship is still going strong!

(Americans are fat.)

Joke by pakipuncher in Racism-American-Added: 49 minutes ago-Current Score: 567.8

Sick or Suck

iluvegirlswithglasses wrote:
"You know it was a good shit when your screensaver is on:)"

Stupid fucking yank stealing our bandwagons. Get the fuck off sickipedia you fat lard.

Joke by DerrickBirdsSadCousin in Stupid-Fucking Yank-Added: 23 minutes ago-Current Score: 469.8

Sick or Suck

I man goes to a library and asks for a book on suicide.

So I raped Him.

Joke by uiabgo in Library-suicide-Added: 10 hours ago-Current Score: 401.4

Sick or Suck

Do you know that "Maddie" is an anagram of "iadmde"? For real, I checked!

Joke by gingershavenosouls in Celebrities-Maddie-Added: 5 hours ago-Current Score: 327

Sick or Suck

I wonder what Carlsberg actually does.

Joke by musthaveweasels in Carlsberg-DontDo-Added: 52 minutes ago-Current Score: 296.2

Sick or Suck

I saw this nigger stealing a purse in the street. Or maybe it was hers.

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have gunned her down and burned her corpse whilst singing the Platypus song and praising our almighty overlord Shnifasuku-'ael-Ra.

Joke by Lily647 in Religion-Our Divine Overlords-Added: 34 minutes ago-Current Score: 295.2

Sick or Suck

My girlfriend called me a porn addicted, internet obsessing cunt.

I almost logged off of Sickipedia.

Joke by luck123 in Sickipedia-Metajokes-Added: 18 hours ago-Current Score: 199.4

Sick or Suck

An Englishman, an American, and a Paki cunt who should get deported to fucking asia cause they steal our jobs while doing fuck all and being a fucking nuisance. those brown stinky people should burn in hell along with the polish bastards who took my-

Fuck! I forgot to make a joke.

Joke by IamSam in Racism-Paki-Added: 1 hourago-Current Score: 101.2

Sick or Suck

Why couldn't Helen Keller drive?

So I raped her.

Joke by trololol in Celebrities-Helen Keller-Added: 2 hourago-Current Score: 79.4

Sick or Suck


Joke by iloveurmum in Racism-French-Added: 57 minutes ago-Current Score: 70.4

More from today

Sick or Suck


Joke by yaroslavl in Racism-French-Added: 2 seconds ago-Current Score: -0.2

Sick or Suck

you haters always making fun of ginger people so let me tell you this. *pause for dramatik effect* GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!1 i am tired of all the hate us gingers have been receiving, and i am angry. normally, we would smack your motherfucking asses, but we're better than you, so we wont resort to violence and instead be the mature 1. stop fucking making jokes about us!

Joke by GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS which requires categorising-Added: 4 seconds ago-Current Score: -41,968.6

Sick or Suck

I was about to shag this bird when I found out she was ginger.

Hard to know someone's hair color in a dark alleyway at 2 AM.

Joke by trolololol in Racism-Ginger-Added:10 seconds ago-Current Score: 12.8

Sick or Suck

why did the chicken cross the road. jade goody was on the other side!

Joke by garfuqua in Bandwagons-Goody-Added:58 seconds ago-Current Score: -4.4

Sick or Suck

iluvkittens said:
"I just bought a cup of coffee from a BP gas station, but then the attendant fucking spilt it. Why am I not surprised?" FUCK YOU NAPPY EATING SISTER SHAGGING AMERICAN CUNT! WHAT THE FUCK IS GAS??? IT'S PETROL YOU FUCKING YANK! USE PROPER ENGLISH.

Joke by garfuqua in Bandwagons-Goody-Added:2 minutes ago-Current Score: 14.8

Sick or Suck


Joke by troglodyte in Sex and shit-racist-Added:4 minutes ago-Current Score:-114.8

Sick or Suck

Get the fuck of sickipedia you americunts

Joke by lolololol in Racism-American-Added:5 minutes ago-Current Score:6.4

Sick or Suck

What's the difference between this joke and rape? Nothing: they both want to have sex with you.

Joke by retard in Sex and shit-Rape-Added:6 minutes ago-Current Score:-33.6

Sick or Suck

In light of the recent disaster in Pakistan, I have only this to say: This

Joke by lolololol in Racism-American-Added:5 minutes ago-Current Score:14.3

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