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“There are many, but only a few good, yet those that aren't, rebel. Sibilists are.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sibilists
A Sibilist is someone who is biased against the letter 's' and its derivative sounds, including, but not limited to, 'sh,' 'z,' and 'zh.' Sibilism has been spreading throughout modern society ever since lispers gained equal protection under the law in 1988.

edit Anti-Sibilism

This section details some of the finer points of the practice of hating sibilists, aka anti-sibilism or sibilismism. Although you may think this is no better than actually being a sibilist, you're wrong. History always sides with the "anti" movements...anti-terrorism, anticommunism, antibacterial, antibodies, you get the picture.

edit How to spot a Sibilist

For someone who is just learning of sibilism, it may be somewhat difficult to divine and/or pinpoint the exact location of a sibilist. However, with some careful observation, practice, and just a smidgen of luck, it can be done.

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