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Sheffield is a place in the North of England which hosts the two worst football teams in the entire world.


Sheffield is known throughout the world for its copying of its two neighbouring cities, Liverpool and Manchester. Liverpool and Manchester both have two football teams which is an idea Sheffield stole. Muh like the two teams of Liverpool and Manchester both of Sheffields teams are aweful. One of these Sheffield clubs even decided to go as far as yo go and have its own disater much like Liverpool and Manchester before them.

In less recent history the city of Sheffield decided to copy Liverpool and Manchester by pretending to be involved in the industrial revolution. In truth, the city of Sheffield had bugger all to do with the Industrial Revolution therefore they deserve no credit what so ever.


There are only 6 known residents of Sheffield and only 5 of them are related. THe other people who reside in such a dark and dingy place are forced to by the Lord and Master of the UK, Nigel Farrage.

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