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  • We're Sgt. Lt. Peppers Only Lonely Hearts Club Bandana
Writer Oscar Wilde
Producer George Martin
Music Nilsson
Directors Robert Stigwood, John Travolta
Runtime Eighty (90) minutes
Language English, American-English
Distributed by BBC, Universal
IMDb rating Youtubestar.pngYoutubestar.pngYoutubestar.pngYoutubestar.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.png
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (film).

edit The Idea

Originally to be the story about The Beatles and a chance to rejoin The Beatles, John Travolta (who was huffing kittens) said that this film should be a musical and contain flying hamburgers, Toilet-papered trees, and pastel clothing.

SNL was a Big Promoter for this movie and asked The Beatles to make this film about their concert...which never happened because none of The Beatles showed up that night because Yoko Ono told John if he was in this "Sgt. Pepper" film, he would regret it. But either way, John Regretted it and none of the other Beatles went back home.

The weirdest thing about all this is one heard the album "Sgt. Lt. Pepper's Only Lonely Hearts Club Bandana".

edit The Plot

Once upon a time, in a place called Pepperland, there was a group of people who fought in World War I and they were on the American side of the War. They surrendered the Germans by playing their theme song called "Sgt. Lt. Peppers Only Lonely Hearts Club Bandana", and the Kaiser there turned into a bun once he heard the song.

For awhile, Sgt. Lt. Pepper would play his song throughout the 20's and 30's and once World War II came, they played the song in Hitler's bunker so much that he killed himself and as usual, The Americans won.

In 1946, four lads from Liverpool were conceived (from different mothers for some reason) and were named by their maiden names. They come to America to find their lost father named Pepper.

In Pepperland, sometime in 1967, these four lads from Liverpool would be known as The Beatles. Forgetting about their father, they claim to fame by singing songs. But Mean Mr. Mustard steal the instruments that gave The Beatles their fame. So they fly on a flying hamburger to find these instruments that they use to be the best damn band ever. Maxwell has a Trumpet that's shaped like a heart, LSD has a Saxophone and later teams-up with The Beatles, Sun King has a Tuba, and Mr. Mustard has a Drum.

Once the Beatles got the instruments, they help the Damsel-in-Distress from Aerosmith. But they sucked her blood and flew away. Discouraged, John Lennon tries to kill himself, but Sgt. Pepper saves him by having him land on Yoko Ono (who played herself). The Beatles won back reputation and Pepperland was saved by Mr. Mustard who got covered in mustard in the end.

The ending has a lot of celebrities singing the theme song.

edit Reception

It was called "This Generation's 'Gone with the Wind'". And in a was, because Lennon said "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn about this film" when he saw it.

This became the highest-grossing Beatles film ever...after Across the Universe.

Originally, it was also to be a porno, but John Lennon couldn't get his penis to stand-up.

edit Trivia

William Shatner was originally to be Dr. Maxwell, but his girdle got in the way.

The Rutles were the 2nd-choice to play all The Beatles, but turned it down because Rod Stewart originally was to be in it.

Rod Stewart supposedly was to play The Sun King, but lost the role because he wouldn't do a film with no lines. Marilyn Manson took the role instead.

Matt Damon plays the young Ringo Starr.

Your Mom is in the end.

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