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Sexual innuendo is a hard topic to stay on top of. While there are no stiff rules as to what constitutes sexual innuendo, the general principles are firm and well-rounded. However, full penetration of the subject requires that the reader take a long, hard look at the target and have a strong and often cunning grasp of linguistic intercourse.

A common problem with sexual innuendo is the recipient being unable to put their hands around the intended meaning. In this case, an individual using sexual innuendo will often start slow and eventually build up, increasing depth more and more until the recipient feels the actual thrust of the point and the innuendo climaxes. Some skilled people are even able to use several sexual innuendos quickly in succession, resulting in multiple climaxes.

Although sexual innuendo requires masterful manipulation of parts of speech (and sometimes the skillful use of body language), for most people it comes quickly.


Originally created by authors as a way to firmly grab their readers' imaginations and caress them with a skilled artistic touch for maximum effect, skillful use of sexual innuendo has long since been erect in much of society. Since its conception, sexual innuendo has slowly and smoothly spread across much of the face of pop culture.

Examples of sexual innuendo

In this example, the first individual subtly insinuates that he would like to engage in a sex act:

Invididual 1: "Let's fuck."
Individual 2: "Okay."

Even in text form, one can feel how the subtle implications roll rapidly off the tongue of the first speaker and into the receptive ears of the second, achieving a most desirable state of deep communication without an overage of sticky conversational fumbling, as well as eliciting the desired reaction.

Let's take a peek at another ripe, burgeoning example:

Individual 1: Bum!
Individual 2: Oh, what a giveaway!

Can you feel the resonance throbbing gently through this subtle discourse?

Sexual Innuendo in Literature

Perhaps one of the most adroit manipulations of the inherent suppleness of language can be found in the ever-honeyed realm of Romantic Poetry. Although different writers have their own, unique and often exotic techniques for engaging subtle sexual overtones (often heavily swayed by the pecadilloes of their cultures), the undisputed masters of both manual and oral tradition are the Japanese Haiku masters. The tight structure of traditional Haiku is quite restrictive and binding to long, drawn out notions of verbal foreplay, and yet through the delicate insertion of clever natural image, they are able to whet their readers' insatiable appetites for subjects often considered taboo.

Here, we see one of Basho's most spiritually arousing offerings. Pay close attention to the overflowing voluptuousness of the surging bucolic imagery that he employs to convey the delicate spice of his demure affection for his chaste mistress:

The surf on the rocks,
Gentle rain falls on cedars,
I will fuck you raw.

I think we would all like to have this sort of beatiful sentiment inside us.

Innuendo in the word "innuendo"

Some claim there is innuendo to be found in the word "innuendo," but they're just sick bastards with twisted and filthy minds.

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