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“I remember taking that class in High School and if it were up to me, I'd make every student take it.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sexonomics

Sexonomics is the study of how people exchange fluids, or more specifically, pleasure. Pre-requisites are Health and Biology. It involves complex equations to describe its functions, or as we like to call "sexonomical intercourse".

edit What is Sexonomics?

edit The Sex Contstant

The Sex Constant (or ς) can be roughly defined by this equation.

\sum_{x=1}^\infty \pi = 	\left( \frac{3x + \sqrt[3]{\heartsuit + passion} - dissatisfaction}{5m \pm \pi r^2 \left( penis \ length - impotence \right ) } \right )

Busty St.Clair

A Sexonomics teacher on the job.

edit The Sexonomical Price Fluctuations

Luckily, Sexonomy is the only market completely independent from the Oil industries. (Except for some small fetishes)

The prices, oddly enough, do not fluctuate by demand. (What can I say? Sex is sex.) However, healthy competition among dealers of Sex has driven the price down from $10.00 in 1990 to just $1.00 today in 2010.

The biggest drop in the Sexconomy was in the 1950's when sex STOPPED.There was no sex (paid or unpaid) in those ten years. Prostitutes were now becoming desperate and homeless (ok just homeless). Luckily the miracle of Pot was discovered. Pot made the Sexconomy Boom. The 60's was a great time of free love and the hookers went back to being just everyday citizens that would blow you for the right price.

edit The Pervasiveness of Sex in the Global Sexonomy

believes in free sex.
believes in sharing sex.
is government-regulated sex
tries to keep sex in the country
believes in government sponsored sex for the poor
is sex anywhere, anytime, and anyplace on demand.
believes in having sex with animals.

edit How YOU can contribute to the Sexonomy

Simple! The easiest way to support the Sexonomy is to buy sex, that's right just buy some pussy down a dodgey alley or in a park at night! This will add money to the economy and boost stamina, endurance, and peak. Also, the sexonomy can always use a fresh labor source of pink-collar workers.

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