Sephora is the makeup chain which rakes in too much cash off of stupid little girls who want to look too old for their age, therefore, whoring themselves out to guys who want to have a very innocent, date, where they would go to dinner and a movie then return home before 11 o'clock in the evening with these oblivious sluts.

Evil SymbolismEdit

Everything about this whoring-yourself-out makeup brand is indeed pure evil, the name, the logo, the fact that it's bloody FRENCH! Yes, that's right, the company was made 39 years ago in France. Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs, can't you read???  The fact that people actually shop here, just to reinforce the point that there must be some sort of evil voodoo witchcraft, putting poisonous fungi in the make-up which will lead to the resurrection of Hitler!! Holy Carp!!  Do you want that? I didn't think so.



The logo clearly represents aspects of the females (or an unusually proportioned males) body, head, breasts, and Ass.

The Sephora logo is indeed sexist as it demonstrates an example how it is uncool to not have as voluptuous breasts and asses as the Hollywood look. The breasts in this logo are HUGE and it may make the little blackberries in school who are the outsiders weep, whereas the popular ones can take this feature to advantage and get all the guys. The ass in this logo is of a good build, which once again, the outsiders can weep about when the popular ones whore themselves out to their man candy and have men "butter their muffin". Because the outsiders don't have these sexy features, they can ruin their social status by joining geeky clubs. These teens will be judged forever in the yearbook as losers.

Various ConspiraciesEdit

  • Have you ever wondered that while the price of food and gas has dramatically gone up in the past few months, makeup has not. Therefore, Sephora is purposely raising the price the price of these commodities leaving us only available to afford makeup. 
  • Make-up smells nice. French people smell bad. The only conclusion is that this cannot possibly be a French product because french people could not possibly create make-up. Likely scenario, the US marketed this as a french company to try to improve the world vision after the french helped out the US in 'nam. Sick, sick bastards...
  • The sign, as explained here, the logo has countless degrading (un-voluptuous) features... thus lowering the public perception that woman are nothing more than meat. Un-Sexist people! Besides, if anything, that sign is responsible for all the horrible Mean Girl references in the last paragraph... god..



Sephoras new chain, Whore.

The carbon-copy name of Sephora's new company is titled Whore. The founders of it are hoping it will appeal to a wider and younger audience. Whore's logo demonstrates the true characteristics of an actual whore. The figure wearing only a bra and underwear symbolizes this logo is destined for a good sexual life. It could also give examples to its clients to dress this way and they will have a good love life as well.