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Phrase to memorize to rehabilitate the chronically offended, per the Spanky's School of Misfits training

The first sensitivity training session happened in 1981 at IBM, when multiple Asians were angry about black-and-white computer displays. Interestingly enough, this is also why the color beige was selected as a computer color, over solid black or white, since beige could be viewed as a yellow like color.

edit Whining in the 90s and early 2000s

For years, people have become increasingly offended by everything they can possibly find to complain about. Most of these people who have caused others to believe we need this sort of thing, have no sense of humor or spine.

If you lived through the 90s, you remember a time when most people weren't so whiny. But this was also when it was popular for various ethnic groups to complain about sports team names being possibly racist. But even then, you could make comments and jokes about various groups on television without fear of being labeled anything beyond something light.

edit 2010 and on: The decade everyone is offended by everything

Nowadays, most humor is considered dark and bigoted, as many people have confused the concepts of what they don't like with what they feel they are entitled to having control over. Entitlement is its own topic, though. If you want to be lame, and feel your phobias, feelings, or religion has been hurt by a stray comment, just remember the phrase "I'm not being grown up about this, and I don't want to" as memorizing it will complete your sensitivity training in Spanky's School of Misfits. This course has been proven by many people with common sense that aren't offended by everything for proper entry into adult life.

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